1. C

    One for the builders - underground pipework fittings...

    At present we are in the process of building an outbuilding in the garden, approx 75sq metres it will incorporate a large garage/mancave and an office with shower room. The walls are up etc and roof is about to go on in the next few weeks. Anyway we are having a toilet, urinal, shower and a...
  2. gramey

    Reinstalling ISO fittings for stereo

    I've bought a 2nd hand Mercedes Audio 10 CD/radio to fit in my R129 as I wanted something more in keeping with the car than the awful Halfords only brand thing that's in there at the moment. I'm assuming, perhaps wrongly until I get it out, that the standard Mercedes ISO fittings will have been...
  3. PhilLinda

    E class tailpipe fittings

    One of the fixings for the chrome tailpipes on my 2012 E350 sport estate has come unfastened. It looks like it needs some sort of starlock retainer. Can someone advise of the correct part please? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. John Jones Jr

    Fuel Pressure Gauge fittings, what size and where from?

    Guys, I'm in the process of purchasing a direct mount (the fuel rail) fuel pressure gauge. I've opted for an Aeromotive which has a 1/8 NPT fitting. What I need is an adaptor to plumb into where the Schrader valve is on the rail, I think I'll need to screw out the valve itself before screwing...
  5. B

    Roofbars/ roofbox/ thule fittings W211

    Again, for my upcoming trip to the Alps, anything to help attach stuff to the roof of a W211 without roofrails would be of interest! Cheers, David
  6. R

    Old phone fittings in a CLK W209

    Hi, I am about to purchase a 2002 example of the W209 CLK. It is fitted with the Nokia phone cradle on the centre console and controls on the steering wheel. My question is, as I do not have a suitable Nokia phone and it looks really bad with the cable hanging from a large black plastic lump...
  7. Lenny63

    C43 AMG exhaust fittings - clarification on MB part numbers req

    Hi folks The C43 currently has a small exhaust leak due to join at left front cat and front/ mid section - bolts/nuts are disintegrating - see pic Part number 20&29 are required to join part no 5 (front cat and pipe) to front/mid section - My local MB have emailed me stating there are...
  8. S

    w202 tow eye cover fittings

    Can anyone advice where I can get replacement connects that hold the tow eye in place. Mercedes will only do the complete £105+. my cover is good just the connectors are worn. thank you.:confused:
  9. mercmanuk

    electrical fittings and lights

    is anyone modernising a house or wants to change the electrical fittings after decorating?.ive a huge selection of white fittings available cheap as chips. round and square 28w 2d bulkheads ideal for garages or outside security lights. Philips snk070 light fittings suited to more commercial...
  10. E

    '98 E55 Oil Filter fittings

    DISREGARD - just found the answer on MBWorld. Better than WIS.... Just doing the oil on my '98 E55, and there are five O-rings in the Mercedes kit, but only four on the black plastic 'stinger' the oil filter slides on to. Damned if I can find it in the WIS to check, either. I presume (hope...)...
  11. zenman63

    Antenna amp fittings

    Looking for an antenna amp and have found these. Question is are these connections Male FME? Mercedes Areal Antenna Amplifier 2028201489 A2028201489 | eBay
  12. mercmanuk

    electrical fittings + cable

    Electrical fittings and cable for sale having a garage clearout,ideal for someone rewiring their house or just decorating and wanting to change old fittings for new. 1.0mm t+e cable 1.5mm t+e cable 2.5mm t+e cable 4.0mm t+e cable 6.0mm t+e cable 1 gang 2way switches £1 2 gang 2 way...
  13. mercmanuk

    electrical fittings

    ive a huge selection of white electrical fittings. does your house need a rewire i can supply the material and you get an electrician to do the job,you save a fortune ideal if anyone is wanting to upgrade a whole house or a single room to give a more modern look,get rid of the old,dirty...
  14. RaceDiagnostics

    450SL brake pipe fittings

    Guys, I plan to get my clipers refurbished soon and expect that the brake pipes will shear off when I remove them. So I plan to buy a brake pipe kit from ebay so that I can make up some new pipes but am not sure which kit to buy. Can someone let me know what the nut type and pipe sizes are...
  15. mercmanuk

    Electrical fittings

    Im having a garage clearout of my electrical fittings if anyone is interested ideal for anyone rewiring a house or wanting to fit new shiny switches and sockets pm me what you need for a price half the retail prices. 150watt pir halogen fittings 500watt pir halogen fittings single...
  16. A

    Fittings Xenon Headlights

    Anyone now of any one deent to get soem Xenon headlights bulbs fitted to a 2008 C220CDI Saloon. Most of these vehicles second hand dont come with Bi-xenons and i want to get them fitted after. Any thoughts? AK:)
  17. SilverSaloon

    W124 glovebox and fittings FOR SALE

    PM me if interested. no idea how much its worth, so make an offer. comes with (i think) all the bits needed. i got it to convert from airbag back to glovebox but decided not to bother.
  18. NW_Merc

    Rear headrest fittings - W202

    What do I need to fit rear headrests into my W202? Part numbers please
  19. guydewdney

    Lighting (house) controllers and fittings..

    Any lighting experts out there?? Converting a room (quite large) - and will have ?8? lights in there - want to dim all of them independantly or in banks, preferably with a memory / mood / scene system. Also need a remote as well as the wall switch. Cabling going in soon - all 8 lights will...
  20. jimmy

    False rocks and Shop Fittings

    Seeing as you lot are so helpful, I thought I would ask if anybody might be in the shopfitting trade and may be able to help me. I am looking at fitting out a new retail/wholesale business venture. I have a 10,000 sq/ft building, half will be racked out for warehousing the other half will be...
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