1. gbjeppm

    New GLA in the flesh at MB World

    Was at MB world last weekend, and saw this. I really like it, think it will sell very well. Apologies for not the greatest photo. It is GLA 220 CDI 4Matic AMG Line
  2. The Boss

    New cls in the flesh.. Yours for £60k

    Ok , so here are my first snaps of the new cls in the flesh.. so all in all.. not a bad car.. the exterior is very radical, and modern, i love the rear quarter, but i hate the boot lid. The looks of the car are nice, alot better than in images, but this radical design will just...
  3. The Boss

    I saw a GLK in the flesh on Saturday..

    Hi, forgot to mention, i saw a LHD GLK in London on Saturday. Personally, i am so so so glad it never made it to these shores.. well atleast for sale it didnt. what an ugly hideous contraption
  4. Chattonmill

    Not seen one of these in the flesh before

    A very law abiding driver unfortunately, I was hoping he was going to give it some beans so I could get an impression of what it could actually do! They do look very purposeful though:D
  5. S

    W212 - I've seen it in the flesh

    Whilst at MB Brooklands I spotted the new W212 saloon and coupe in the flesh. When I asked to see the interior and boot I was told that no one is allowed to view the inside as its a press car (they are both RHD). Has anyone sat in these? The saloon was an E250 Avantgarde model with auto...
  6. M

    W171 SLK ..... in the flesh

    I know that many people are well acquainted with the new SLK but I actually got to sit in one today and have a good look at the interior. Personally I think that the car is much better in real life than it is in the photos. Most of the images you will see of the proboscus are...
  7. simonl

    nice to see them in the flesh......

    over the last few days i've seen some lovely cars around our way..... saw a new rolls royce on thu - never thought much of the piccys, but it looked fantastic in real life. it's bloody massive! :eek: then today i saw a bentley continental gt. absoluelty gorgeous. and ten mins later...
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