1. N

    Will 17" Adharaz form a 2011 SLK fit a W203 C180 ?

    Hi, I've been offered a set of Adharaz 17" alloys from a 2011 SLK. Does anyone know if they would fit my 2001 W203 C180 ? Thanks in advance for any assistance. Neil
  2. Mike Walker

    What a beauty form the dark side!

    I was driving towards Ashford on the M20 this morning and passed one of these:- I couldn't be sure but assumed it was on it's way back across the Channel.
  3. kalvin928

    spec sheet form mercedes

    Hi, before I end up wasting my time; could someone confirm that Mercedes would be able to supply a 'specs' sheet for my 2003 Mercedes? is this free? i.e. do they print off.... was going to go there in morning to dealers in Watford. many thanks
  4. poormansporsche

    Some form of Conspiracy ????

    Im starting to come round to the idea of getting a E39 so I thought id look up other dark side forums but didnt know whats a good one, so I thought id tap in "BMW Forum" on the search facility of this very forum to see what other members recommend but it crashes every time ??? Do the mods not...
  5. SS-89

    Dealer Order form

    Quick question does model designation deletion appear on the dealer order form? I have been told by my dealer that it won't (it isn't on my dealer form). I'm a bit sceptical as he was trying to convince me that the interior lighting package option that was missing from my form was in fact...
  6. Palfrem

    Form an ordely queue

    Approved Used 2010 MERCEDES-BENZ C63 AMG for sale I wonder how long before they spot it
  7. flango

    CLK back on the road and in fine form

    As a few of you know SWMBO had a little mishap in the CLK which meant getting a second hand alloy then getting it refurbed + a bit of bodywork, well after a quick valet today she's back on the road and in screaming fine form (the car that is not SWMBO :D) A couple snaps below. So next...
  8. I

    Red V5 Form

    This morning I received a letter from the DVLA which turned out to be a new red V5 form which replaces the blue version. In the accompanying note it states the reason for this is the theft of a number of blank blue V5's and their potential use in vehicle cloning etc. I wonder how many blue...

    Mercedes - in the form of a bionic arm!

    British Teenager Matthew James, 14, Gets Helping Hand From Mercedes To Be Fitted With Bionic Arm | UK News | Sky News Good lad!
  10. Meldrew2

    Police need to fill in a form to order toilet roll

    BBC News - Police station red tape attacked Couldn't they just use the form instead? Then again, as this came from the Daily Express, perhaps they could use that august journal........ .
  11. Piff

    Help with Tesco job application form please

    Number 2 son (17 year old) is trying to get an evening/weekend job at the local Tesco’s – shelf stacking, etc. to earn money for driving lessons. However, for any job at Tesco, he has to fill in a full application form including a questionnaire titled “More about you” This is a page of 16...
  12. E

    Newbie form new York

    hello there. I'm ema white. Just dropping by to say hello to all of you.
  13. 219

    Bad Form

    I was sitting up late last night and ended up visiting a few sites I had not frequented just lately - on another Mercedes forum (which shall remain nameless , as will the members involved) I came across a thread which angered me . To cut a long story short , one member who was due to leave...
  14. carnut

    Is this a New form of Spam

    Over the Xmas period I have received a number of Spam mails purporting to be from my own email account using my account name. Spam doesnt worry me but what does is Identity theft and this seems to be of that nature. If I can receive an email with my account as the sender so can anyone else...
  15. A

    Just received County Court Claim form (following RTA earlier this year)

    Hi, Just received (or rather my wife has) a Claim Form (issued by a County Court). Earlier this year my wife had an accident in my Company Car on a roundabout. I won't go into the specifics of the accident here. Anwyay, our company vehicles are all insured on a Third Party basis. They...
  16. Andy W

    Fill in the online rust form

    Found this website while searching for MB rust issues, may be worth every one filling in to show MB just how dissatisfied we all are with their priducts.
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