1. M

    124 Holy Grail about to come to market?

    Something for all us 124 nuts. 300CE 6.0 4v AMG Widebody :rock: Mercedes 300CE 4V-6.0 AMG HAMMER For Sale (1988) on Car And Classic UK [C478167] Very little information at present. Goodness how much it will be. Most likely will be LHD. Mentioned "miles" so possibly an American car? Same...
  2. D

    Has Anyone Ever Seen The Holy Grail?

    Unit504's thread about buying an E55 or C55 got me thinking about the specifications of Mercedes... We hear it all the time 'absolutely every extra', 'top spec' etc etc in car adverts, yet it doesn't take eagle-eyes to spot some holes in their descriptions. I know that you can't have...
  3. EDZ649

    Just bought the R129 Holy Grail

    After nearly three years of waiting finally a genuine ultra rare R129 AMG tow eye cover appeared on ebay, brand new, just needs painting! :bannana:
  4. K

    Have found the holy grail

    Managed to get to 124 Works on Friday and snaffled a hob knob before aandy finished them off! My life is now complete :-)
  5. L

    The Holy Grail

    I think I have found the Holy Grail, something as mythical as perpetual motion!!!!! An American with good taste! Taken two days ago while I was on business in Pittsburgh.
  6. del320

    Discovered the Holy Grail!

    Back in April, I butted into a thread by relating a tale of woe experienced in France last year. I soon realised the topic was one which dare not speak its name and a veil of secrecy descended once more. Last Friday, I paid my ol’ Pappy (94) a visit for a chat and to cut his grass – I’m a...
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