1. I

    Vito w639 fault code p2527 egr positioner short circuit to ground

    Hi any help please my vito is coming up with fault code p2527 egr positioner short circuit to ground changed she still same so now I have had the egr deleted and that same fault code is still coming up Evan after egr deleted has any one had this problem????? Thanks in advance Sent from my...
  2. DSM10000

    Finding someone whao has gone to ground!

    A little unusual request for the Forum but we have such wide experience and expertise on here I thought it worth asking for general advice: I need to trace someone so that a Court order may be served on them. Notification of the hearing has already been served on them by a Process Server...
  3. Bazfaldo

    CLK55 W209 Ground points

    Hi All, I have been cleaning up my ground wire connectors as part of general maintenance. I have replaced the main battery ground cable and the cable that connects the chassis to the steering pump. I see there are some other ground cables that bolt onto the inner wings and by the fuse box. I...
  4. Twistedmind

    W211 SBC Ground fix

    Hi All, little help needed please I have a ground fault on my E class W211 03 Reg SBC system I have seen a few web pages mentioning a bracket earth fault modification. Can anybody shine a light on this please
  5. Y

    Clc ground point on passenger sidr chassis leg

    Hi all, My ground wires on the passenger side chassis leg are ripped off, i believe one goes to the foglight anyone know where the others should go as i can not see where they have been pulled off Cheers
  6. L

    Engine and trans ground cable

    Hi Anyone know where the engine and transmission grounds leads are on 2000 C Class (W203)? I have the underside covers off and can't find them to check them. Thanks.
  7. AMR 777T

    W221 s500 dropping to the ground

    Bought a W221 S500 AMG Sport Pack on 5th February. Up until now (16th Feb) possibly the WORST CAR i've ever bought. Kicking myself for getting rid of my beloved 7 Series, virtually poured my blood, sweat and tears in to that. :wallbash: Sorry to any hardcore Mercedes enthusiast. I'm sure this...
  8. C

    Ground clearance

    Hi I have a 1992 sl 500 and just lately it seems to be bottoming out in places that it didn't before,the space under the engine is only about 3'' as far as i can tell the springs are ok. Any ideas please. Many thanks in advance Colind55
  9. Palfrem

    Ground control to Major Kahn....

    Worth a watch and I guarantee you will be surprised.... pD_yQZ4iNjY
  10. peapod

    w169 a-class ground clearance

    our 2010 car is too low for speed bumps which it hits regularly, it is an avantgarde with sports pack, not our choice but a good car otherwise. Is there any way the body can be raised? Do all springs and shocks have to be changed? the main problem is he low front end. Are the old mac strut...
  11. N

    Fixing Ground Interference on W169 - Where do I Start???

    Hi Guys, Whenever I have my phone plugged into the AuxIn and also charging from the 12V Socket, I have lots of interference. It changes pitch if you accelerate etc, and this seems to suggest that it is a ground issues possibly with the alternator. I have been told that I can buy moise...
  12. Alex

    Self defence and standing your ground: your view?

    This has been on my mind for some time now: you're in your bedroom upstairs when you realise someone's breaking in to your house in the middle of the night. Your next move... My wife's "plan" is to barricade the door with a bed (which is on castors, I must add) and call the police. But what if...
  13. Charles Morgan

    ground clearance on 210 elegance

    My business partner keeps grounding his 210 (the roads are dreadful near him) and it isn't doing anything any good. Is there some way to improve this like shims or changing springs or spring rates? It would be cheaper than changing to a shagged out old 4x4 (which is all he could afford).
  14. John

    Floating ground?

    Just bought a new amp to go in my car. Not had to use high level inputs before and reading through the amp instructions, it uses a 'floating ground' so I am not totally sure what I am going to ground the negative speakers wires to (high level input) as it suggests grounding it to the car...
  15. grober

    Ground Clearance

    As per thread title- the operative phrase here is ground clearance. ;) iwDkM25Th00&feature=related
  16. Tankman

    13 years of ground in dirt removal

    I am spending some considerable time cleaning the interior of my SL. The vinyl on the doors however is causing me a bit of a headache. After 13 years and nearly 150k miles the vinyl is looking a bit grubby to say the least. I am using heavy duty elbow grease and micro-fibre cloths but some of...
  17. Howard

    Brabus 350SE Ground up Restoration

    Don't know if any of you are 'friends' with Brabus on Facebook , but they have just posted a pile of photos about a 350 SE cabrio W111 that they are just beginning a restoration on. 100000 to 300000 Euros is the estimate. They'll be adding to the thread as it progresses...
  18. Bobby Dazzler

    Suggestions for great ground coffee

    For our ground coffee we've used Azorie Blue for few years and more recently Harvey Nichols. Time for a change. Any suggestions for great coffee at great prices? PS We tend to use it in a stove top mostly.
  19. Red C220

    Red Arrows Pilot killed in ground accident

    Pilot dies in Red Arrows jet incident - Yahoo! Looks like his ejector seat was triggered on the ground.
  20. J

    w124 300d leaks/stained ground

    Is it normal for some fluid to leak out of these machines?? I have a k reg one and have a little stain on the ground under the engine bay. Its not oil, not coolant and I think its possibly some fuel seeping past injectors???? anyone heard of this?
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