1. Gucci

    Bernie's '54 Gullwing for sale :rock:
  2. KillerHERTZ

    New Gullwing?

    Saw this in last weeks AUTOEXPRESS magazine, yet I see no threads about it:? Only Following a growing trend to produce modern successors to much loved classics, Mercedes is planning a new flagship sports car in the shape of a stunning 21st-century Gullwing. Based on insider...
  3. M

    1954 300SL Gullwing Project

    I originally posted this in the members gallery forum but then noticed that you cant post replies so I have posted it here also so I can post replies and anyone can comment. Thanks. After 6 years of searching for the right one and travelling everywhere i have finally found what I was looking...

    gull-wing,, 500,,

  5. janner

    Wooden floating Gullwing..

    Some strange people out there..
  6. kikkthecat


    They say good luck comes in 3's, Well, by coincidence 1. I've got my lottery ticket 2. It's a double rollover 3. This is up for auction this weekend, less that 38000 miles from new. *EDIT* Just for a...
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