1. P

    car is haunted

    hi everyone , recently bought this e350cdi coupe, experiencing some strange things. on occasion the passenger headrest [ electric memory seats ] goes to top most adjustment also noticed the panoramic roof curtain open half way ??? the only other strange thing I've noticed is a strange tone...
  2. SpanishBattery

    W208 CLK Haunted drivers window!

    Strange one this. The drivers window on my CLK conv will move on its own, seemingly quite random. It mainly goes down, sometimes in steps, sometimes all the way. It has occassionaly moved up too. After driving, it can happen at stand still also. Moving the door can sometimes make it happen...
  3. V

    haunted glovebox.....

    sometimes when i drive my s210 3320cdi estate 2001 i hear a clicking noise coming from my glovebox - when i open the glovebox its empty - its sound like an electrical relay of some kind - after a while it stops then may start again......can anyone help me diagnose the problem ? thanks:cool:
  4. W

    Haunted Merc?

    Last week I had my briefcase stolen from the back of my car outside a restaurant. There was no sign of forced entry and I was fairly sure I had locked it. Last night I definitely locked it and this morning it was open again. Has anybody experience their car unlocking itself unaided...
  5. M

    Haunted Wipers Revisited

    Narrowed down the fault that makes my C220D wipe when it winks - basically the fault is in the twist to operate wiper switch - the slightest pressure on the stalk makes the switch think that I want the wipers on. Any way that I can get the switch apart or renew it without changing the whole...
  6. M

    C220D Haunted Wipers

    As no-one would answer this on usenet...... When I indicate right in my '94 C220D, the wiper comes on, in intermittent mode. When I cancel it, I get a burst of continuous wipe, as if I'd washed the screen. When I go left, the wipers switch off. I'm going to take the combination switch out...
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