car is haunted

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Jan 21, 2012
e350 coupe cdi
hi everyone ,
recently bought this e350cdi coupe, experiencing some strange things.
on occasion the passenger headrest [ electric memory seats ] goes to top most adjustment also noticed the panoramic roof curtain open half way ???
the only other strange thing I've noticed is a strange tone sometimes when the mirrors fold in on locking,don't know if this is linked, will pay more attention next time I hear the noise.
many thanks
Take it to your local church immediately and ask the vicar to throw holy water over the car
I take it nobody else has had this kind of issue then lol
I take it nobody else has had this kind of issue then lol

1st Post?

This is MBclub - so welcome to the club.

Be patient. A useful post usually emerges at some point further down the line :D
Like to help you but not experienced anything like that,the noise from the door mirror is it a whine,could be needing some attention,there should be a thread on here about this.
I had a w211 320cdi (2004) that was possessed.

Anything could happen, indicators not work, stereo sometimes worked, blowers the same,

The scary part was on two occassions the passenger seat moved forwards and the backrest folded forwards potentially crushing any victim that could have sat there.

I sold it spares and repairs with a list of issues.

Basically anything electrical could work or stop working without warning

Changed the aux battery but didnt help. Some said it could be the rear sam unit but i lost patience with it and sold it on for a loss spares or repairs.

It did resurface several months later on ebay for market value so maybe someone called a young priest, an old preist etc. .........

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