1. N

    CLS 63 w219 long tube headers

    Guys any ideas if LHD long tube headers will fitt a RHD W219 CLS63? Found some at a decent price just under $2000.00 but states LHD and they do make them in RHD
  2. J

    essex based, where can I get e55 headers fitted

    Hi all I have eurocharged headers I want to fit but need someone good to do the work. Looking for someone local as would need to leave there car there. Thanks
  3. SMed08

    Long Tube Headers E55K

    So where's the best place to get long tubes for the E55 in the UK? Anyone sell them? Mids and shorties seem to be easy to find. Had a quick search, but didn't find much. Thanks. Sam
  4. login_user

    Kleemann Headers

    A huge thanks to the boys at PCS. Dropped my clk350 off on Monday for some shiny Kleemann headers and a remap. I must say, the sound is awesome, nice and raspy. just need to race a clk500 from the line to see how close it is
  5. S

    Review of C63 Headers - Moments After Installation

    I finally went through with installing IPE Headers with Sports Cats on my C63 after a few years of stock ownership. I'm totally in tune with the car and a thirst developed for more so I figured "why not". So, the headline you are probably expecting is OMG, must-have mod but, what I'd say to...
  6. W20855amg

    W208 clk 55 amg short headers

    Hi Guys where can I get a pair of short headers for our 55 And stainless steel down pipes ?? Cheers Gil
  7. ACID

    SLK 55 Kleemann Headers and Remap

    SLK55 AMG in for Kleemann Headers and a Remap! Tuned with Headers: 336.54 Whp (397.11 Bhp) 353.59 Wtq (417.24 Ft Lbs Torque) For Enquiries: Email: [email protected] Landline: 0121 772 4455 Mobile: 07765 444447 bEtERR_kCqM
  8. L

    SLK55 with Kleemann headers on the Nurburgring GP track

    Tried Embed this but it didn't work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-DW-aG0U2Q Mods are : No rear mufflers Kleeman headers ECU remap (dyno'ed at 395hp) No centre resonator Secondary cats in place. P030 Pack Please ignore the sloppy driving, I didn't have much of my tires left at this point...
  9. F

    CLS63 W219 headers and ECU tune?

    In the not too distant future, I'm thinking of some long tube headers and ECU tune on my CLS63, looking for the most aggressive sound and ideally the best gains. Had a look at eurocharged and MSL performance, also header manufacturers such as MBH, anyone any experience with having these mods...
  10. ACID

    C63 AMG iPE Headers Fitting

    The Dyno run for the C63 AMG we had in yesterday for Innotech Performance Exhaust Headers fitting. Tuned with iPE Headers fitted: 462.71 Whp (546.00 Bhp) 422.01 Wtq (497.97 Ft Lbs Torque) klvklx6De2M
  11. c63k

    C63 BS w/ Weistec Headers (Video)

    I don't think this has been posted here previously, but found a youtube video that gives a decent impression of the, erm, vocal range, of a C63 Black Series with long tube headers (Weistec this time). Honestly, the bit from about 5:00 minutes onwards gave me the fizz the first time I listened...
  12. E

    Which headers for C63?

    The next logical step for me with the C63 is to fit headers. I'm at circa 520bhp at the moment and if i'm going to improve on the 181 vmax result then i need more power (not a supercharger just yet). I like the sound of the oem exhaust as it is so I'm hoping headers won't change this too much...
  13. S

    55K Headers, Pulley & Remap offers

    We have several sets arriving next week 84mm Supercharger Pulleys - £399 Shipped to UK Address Boost Levels: Stock: 11.2psi 84mm SC Pulley: 12.5psi Details can be found on our website Eurocharged 55 Series AMG Supercharger Pulley- tuning option - Pulleys - E55 - E-Class - Mercedes -...
  14. vealige

    C63 Owners with IPE or similar headers and MOT time.....

    Has anyone else had any issues, my C63 went in for its MOT today at MB as I have the service care pack and to be fair it failed miserably on noise emitted, emissions and removal of cats (secondary) I have an IPE manifold with the sports cats present then mated to the remainder of the standard...
  15. E

    W211 E55 AMG Headers

    If anyone has a set of used or new headers, please get in touch :thumb:
  16. 1

    CLS 55 Headers

    Hi I've been thinking about changing the headers on my CLS as my next mod. Is there any particular brand or place to buy that are better than others or do they all give the same results? Thanks
  17. BenzedUP

    SLK55 Kleemann engine headers

    OK, my kleemann headers will be fitted on the SLK55 in the next couple of weeks. Has anyone had this mod done? If so any feedback please? I'm very much looking forward to having them fitted and taking the car to Santa pod next year to beat my 12.6sec time from last time. I'm hoping it doesn't...
  18. MC63CLK

    W209 CLK 63 Headers

    Hi, Has anyone purchased or had made upgraded headers for their CLK 63 ( not black series ) Would appreciate any feedback . Cheers Mike
  19. S

    Kleemann headers M113 New

    As i am selling my SL55 i will not be fitting these, they are brand new and come with new bolts and gaskets. £1000 including postage within the uk
  20. Justin1600

    C43 AMG Stainless Headers For Sale

    For Sale is a pair of stainless headers which were purchased from the States. Each manifold will need welding in one place on each, as shown in the pictures. £150 collected from Bromley, Kent
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