1. trapperjohn

    16 Inch. 8 Hole Alloys. X 4.

    Part Number 210401070 71/2JX16HET41 Fitted with 3 X CONTIWINTERCONTACT and 1 X CONTIPREMIUMCONTACT. (Had a non repairable puncture in the other WinterContact) All tyres road legal. Conditional of the alloys, fair. Available from PR6 postcode or possible delivery to Yorkshire, North...
  2. merc85

    e55k hole in engine!

    Damm, what went wrong there?? MERCEDES BENZ E55 AMG, 53 REG - HPI CLEAR - SPARES OR REPAIRS, HUGE SPEC CAR | eBay
  3. D

    W124 15 hole alloys

    I'm after a set of 4 15 hole alloys for a w124 As per the pic Not really after anything in need of refurbishment and not expecting perfect either I have tyres Thanks a lot
  4. T

    New w211 E270 thermostat. What is this hole for?

    I bought this stat off a seller on ebay (actual stat pictured above), not anyone on here. I've looked at a couple of how-to threads online and a couple if vids but can't find any mention of anything fitting into or onto the machined hole at the bottom of the stat housing. I haven't started...
  5. ioweddie

    The Black Hole

  6. I

    W124 Manual box level check/filler hole - where?

    Hi All, I just can't seem to find the thing - -though I am on my back looking upwards. There's a horrible crunch getting into reverse, and it's now getting harder. It used to go in after another declutch, occasionally with a little complaint, but now it grates strongly. 717.430 box, five...
  7. M

    s124 16" 8 hole wheels

    Evening all, I picked up a set of 16" 7.5J 8 hole wheels for my 124 wagon today. I think they've come off a 210 and they're not in bad shape considering the age. They've got some 215/55 rubber on them and I was thinking about swapping those out for a good set of 205/55's I already own. I...
  8. 91dm

    722.6 gearbox filter: hole in plastic

    Hello, I was just about to change the gearbox oil and filter in my ML270 and noticed the replacement filter housing has a small hole in the casing. Looking for advice on whether this is still ok to use, will it allow oil pass the filter part? Thanks
  9. M

    1x w124 15 hole alloy

    As per the title, I have a single 15 hole alloy wheel for sale. There are no cracks or buckles, and the tyre on it holds air perfectly. It could do with a refurb as it looks a bit ratty, but its serviceable. The tyre is worn on both sides, but has legal tread in the centre. Might still be...
  10. M

    16" 8 hole W124/129 wheels onto a W211

    I want to run the above wheels on our 211's whilst I have the wheels refurbed. Do I need different bolts to attaché them? I seem to remember reading something to that effect. If I do what are the bolts and where can I get them please? Matt
  11. SmartMAC

    Pot hole damage and buckled wheel. Pics inside.

    Not a happy cahp at the moment. I did this on way back from work yesterday and I am sure it is going to cost me loads of money. Do I have a case to put a claim against the council? If so, do I have to get it repaired before I do? I managed to talk to the house owner near the pot hole who told...
  12. M

    Wanted Mercedes R129 16" 15 hole alloy wheels

    Wanted Mercedes r129 16" 15 hole alloy wheels, condition not too important aslong as no chunks missing and no buckles. Looking for a set of even singles if need be. Thank you
  13. L

    Hole in NSR wheel arch

    Hi. C240 2001. Is it normal to have a 2mm hole in the NSR wheel arch?? Is it ok to just Rust Remedy it and fill the hole? Cheers.
  14. M

    8 hole wheels with pirelli rubber £135

    8 hole wheels no longer needed. looking for some 18 inch monos. still on car and in use but i have steels ready to put on if i don't find the amgs before the sale of these happens. can post if needed £135
  15. MB-tex

    Wanted 8 hole w124 alloy in reasonable condition.

    Hi there One of my alloys is leaking and is apparently un-refurbable. Anyone got a single genuine, standard size w124 8 hole alloy (195 65 R15 tyre) in their shed they would sell? Nothing suitable on ebay or elsewhere online. Info cast into rim says: et41. 1244011302 7Jx15H2 I am...
  16. brucemillar

    124 Estate Spare Wheel Drain Hole

    People My 124 Estate has a "drain" hole directly under the spare wheel. I am guessing that this should have a bung/grommet in it? Unless being used to drain water from a wet spare wheel? Can anybody confirm please. I am guessing that this may be the source of some (if not all) of my rear...
  17. butler23

    w202 c230k timing chain casing hole!

    Hey guys, so long story kind of short the water pump bearing failed and resulted in cutting into the timing chain casing. Now it was repaired temporarily with quiksteel but only lasted a few months. So i decided to take the pump off and try doing it again, only this time the whole piece of...
  18. Mike Walker

    FREE 2 x 15" X 7J 8 Hole alloys

    :bannana::bannana:As above and you to collect from BR4 post code. Please note these are replica wheels and not Mercedes OEM. They have been refurbished by a longstanding W201 enthusiast and are now surplus to my needs. You will have to purchase suitable bolts and centre caps. No warranty...
  19. B

    R129 15 hole 16in alloys

    I currently have the nine hole type on my 1993 300SL but fancy a set of the 15 hole variety. If anyone has a set that are in good condition could be interested, tyres are not required and I could make do with 3 wheels as I already have a spare.
  20. 219

    Hole in the road ....

    Large hole opens in Manchester road . Mancunian Way collapse: Huge 30ft hole opens after heavy rain - BBC News Apparently the council are now looking into it :D
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