1. C

    Howdy guys

    hey folks Sid here got my fist Mercedes she aint new and has many miles under her but hey she's mine:D probably gonna ask some dumb questions bare with me
  2. R

    Bye bye Benz - Howdy Honda

    After 3 Mercedes it is time to move on for a little while. I know that I will miss the V6, but I'm sure that I'll eventually get used to a Japanese 4 pot.
  3. Druk

    Howdy from...

    Well, West Lothian actually. The intention had been to do a daily blog of our US roadtrip but poor wifi and a cantankerous iPad put a stop to that. So, with your indulgence, I’ll reprise the thing now. Thurs 14th May we’re outbound Heathrow to Phoenix. Not bad as longhauls go...
  4. P


    I've just ordered a W205 C250 Estate AMG Line with Premium Plus pack and in Tenorite Grey. Will be delivered to me on Friday. Very excited to be joining the MB fold after five years at Land Rover. Are there any reviews on here of the new C Class? Haven't managed to find any proper ones.
  5. C

    howdy all

    hello everyone, I am obviously new here, with a view to acquiring a merc one day. Hopefully a M class heard its an old mans car and I am getting there.
  6. P

    Howdy, decamped from BMW to a Merc :-)

    Hi, After a run of various BMW's, I am now a Merc owner. Picked up a W220 S500, after missing the v8 in my 540i. Expect a few questions from me, as I get to know the car and find out what kind of money pit I now have :-) The W200 won't be a daily driver, I work form home so will...
  7. J

    Howdy MB'rs

    Hi all Newbie with an SLK320 and now an SL60.. and in need of some tips on the latter... :O)
  8. L


    Hi all Just picked up my 11 plate c250 cdi sport. Looking forward to finding out all things MB! Cheers
  9. P


    Hi all, Just a quick hello. Two Mercedes household at the moment but a very eclectic history! Better half has a 2010 A180 cdi Elegance an I've just picked up a 2002 C200k Wagon. Best
  10. H

    Howdy and looking to buy

    Hi all I've joined as I've always used your board for advice fixing my Dad's 1997 C200. Unfortunately its been riddled with faults, recently he had to shell out a £600 to get the Ignition ECU fixed :/ Now it's a case of enough is enough and he is now looking to buy. I'll won't do...
  11. D


    Hi everyone, quick intro, I'm 18 living in sunny Swindon (Ha). I'm on my second w202, first was a C180 and I'm now the proud owner of a C230K. I would like to say I have had a good relationship with my first two cars but I managed to cook the C180 to death after three weeks of driving it, then...
  12. ErithEagle


    :thumb::thumb: Just registered on the site & thought I'd say hello :) We have a '58 reg CLC180 Kompressor which is being joined from Saturday by the newly acquired '06 CLK320 CDi **********e; which has replaced my X-type AWD Sport. Looking forward to looking round the site & commenting...
  13. P


    Better said "Hello". Just thought I would check out a Merc site from a different perspective. I'm here in Texas where a lot of my neighbors think because I don't drive a pickup truck or hunt that I'm crazy:crazy:. Forget that I drive a Mercedes and bought my wife one, who knows what they...
  14. N


    hi everyone.. my name's Nick. I live and work in london, bermondsey to be precise. I drive a very old 190E on its last legs and hope to change it soon for something decent. i hope to get a few tips from the experienced heads on the forum.
  15. edgejedi

    Howdy ho and hi from up Norf!

    Hi all Finally joined up here after trawling for many of my car related questions through Google. I live up norf near Durham. Im new to MB and enjoying my recent buy, an ML270. Kinda came in handy as one week after i got it the snow hit! Its been pretty good to me and im pleased.
  16. B

    Just to say howdy

    joined this yesterday and found it very informative, its nice to see that there are like minded people out there. Have had a few mercs over the years and dont think they can be beaten. Hope to make full use of this site :thumb:
  17. E


    Hi all, Just a quick introduction to myself....I'm 25 years old from north london, and a financial accountant.... I'm a newbie to Mercedes vehicles after a run of BMW for the last few years I've picked up a very tidy W204 C220 CDI Sportscoupe auto...It's an 05/05 with the sports two tone...
  18. Mercv8

    Howdy all..

    No i aint American.. :D But thought it would be rude to not say hello before i start posting random gibberish.. Ive been recommended this site by Mr Ian Walker. Infact Ian only had good things to say about this site and told me i had to join it! :crazy: Also, i have only heard good things...
  19. MBenzNL


    Hi, I am new here...although I saw some of you on that former UK Mb related forum and even saw some of you in real life during the UK GTG last April! For those who started the site: good luck...for all others: start modding your benzes! <img...
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