1. KillerHERTZ

    IE7 Allowing Pop-Ups

    Recently updated to IE7, and when ever I wish to add an image to this site the pop-up image that normally appears requires permission from the yellow box that appears on the toolbar. The option is "temporally allow pop-ups" how do I always allow them to appear only on this site? the only...
  2. BaldGuy

    IE7 Ad popups

    For some reason everytime I open IE7 recently I keep getting another few windows opening with adverts... How do i stop this? Its driving me crazy.... There must be a setting somewhwre to turn it off? I think my kids have been playing and have changed something.... All help most grateful...
  3. whitenemesis

    Can't Print from IE7 & Adobe shuts down after 10sec

    Everything worked fine until just recently, now whenever I want to print from Internet Explorer 7 I get the same error message; The path is correct (or at least it exists) but no files in that folder. My actual USERS folder is on a different drive but then it always has been... How do I...
  4. High-Lo

    Using the scroll wheel mouse button in IE7

    Just upgraded to IE7 and have found an annoying feature that was not in IE6. Does anyone know if there is any way to disable the feature in IE7 where you click on the scroll wheel of your mouse and it opens the link in a new window/tab? I'm finding it very frustrating :( Thanks in...
  5. Ian B Walker


    I have managed to find IE7 and have installed it on my laptop. Yeah right ! Cant say that I am overly impressed with it. It wont allow me to access my bank details (probably bank not set up to use it) Another thing I find frustrating is the position of the refresh button. Over to the right hand...
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