1. D

    Impressive engineering

    Anybody who has any sense of the dedication to a job done to the nearest level of perfection, who sees beauty in such purism of craftsmanship, who can appreciate the dedication and love of a person for such an impeccable job, who can relate to the ability of a single person to do what Lou has...
  2. DanMorgan

    Hemmels - W113 and 300SL - Impressive Workshop!

    I went to the Hemmels open day last night in Cardiff as they reveal their workshop. They had five W113's all at different stages of their restorations and of course their immaculate workshop! I wrote on my Mercedes Blog more detail with lots of photos :rock: If you are near the Cardiff...
  3. Gumball

    W211 E63 is impressive

    Had to go on a long trip the other day in my E63 , 4 up full of fuel and friday m6 traffic ,managed this....
  4. B

    New Owner

    Hi guys, after owning BMW's for the last 10 yrs or so, & all of them being money pits (Bring More Wedge), I decided to buy a 53 plate C270 CDI Elegance, 72000 miles with full MB dealer history. Only had it a week, but so far I'm very impressed, I was averaging about 40 mpg which I was delighted...
  5. D

    Impressive SL old to new conversion

    Look at this on eBay: Stunning Red Mercedes SL63 amg rep for sale, SL500,SL55
  6. I

    Least impressive selling point!

    I’ve been car browsing since before AutoMart was invented and I dread to think of how many descriptions I’ve read in that time. Many attributes are trumpeted - that’s what it’s all about, after all. It’s mostly older Merc’s I buy and there’s many a mention of the original First Aid Kit...
  7. developer

    Impressive E63 Economy

    You didn't really expect 45mpg did you :D. Short slow journeys around the city.
  8. R

    Impressive W210 rebuild...

    ...thread from the US site: restoration of my S210 - - Mercedes-Benz Discussion Forum
  9. WesLangdon

    impressive mileage

    1995 MERCEDES E300 D AUTO SILVER | eBay an average of 24k per year
  10. whitenemesis

    An Impressive Collection of Car Brochures from 1920s to 2010

    What a wonderful wealth of information! Many manufacturers covered with a good selection of Mercs. I could spend hours reading through this lot!! Hot cars by Hans Tore Tangerud
  11. Palfrem

    Impressive exhausts What is one of these please? Is it "real"? Looks like a huge amount of car for the money though Cheers
  12. gaz_l

    Pretty impressive..

    Red of neck they may be, but.. Cheers, Gaz
  13. NICKYB

    most impressive mod

    Whats the one thing you have done to change or personalise your mercedes that makes you want to show it off??? any mod ideas for my clk 230k conv???
  14. Thmsshaun

    C43 AMG Impressive Ad

    Just look at the work that has gone into this one. C43 Saloon
  15. A

    Kensington Car Care. Impressive.

    I recently bought a 78k mls 1991 500SEC and wanted to find an honest, competent, sympathetic London based independent to help me look after it. I looked on these pages and eventually found a thread from last july mentioning Kensington Car Care (just off Ladbroke grove, see web-site) and...
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