1. Myclk55amg

    Korrosol,iron x

    I have a bit of a dilemma, I really want to try clay baring my car as I have never done it before but a friend off mine says it's long boring job. Then I've been told about korrosol and iron x just wondered if any of you guys had used either and what your opinion was?
  2. Pitts Pilot

    Flying corrugated iron

    It was windy last night…. My precious SL nearly got reshaped by a flying sheet of corrugated iron at 1.00 am this morning. I heard a loud big and rushed outside to find a sheet of iron in the neighbour’s garden, the width of the pavement from my car!! Two doors up they are doing a loft...
  3. P

    W211 E Class estate Iron X

    I washed my E Class for the first time since purchase today. Only had time for a short foam and hand wash. I did get some Bilberry wheel cleaner on, then thought I'd have a quick application of iron x. I normally only apply iron x near the wheels and front end, but a quick squirt all round...
  4. M

    Best way to "glue" cast iron

    I have a thin bracket 3/16in thick made of cast iron of an engraving machine (Taylor Hobson CB ) that I accidently broke. Tried a few epoxy's without success Any member heard of JB Weld (used to epoxy weld exhausts) or similar Help most appreciated
  5. Chrishazle

    When Iron X and Tardis Fail - What Next?

    Put the winter boots on the car yesterday (on lovely shiny almost new rims!) so today was time to clean the original wheels for storage. It's a July 08 S204 Elegance with standard 16" rims with far too many spokes! As I suspected, the light refurb MB Ashford gave the wheels in March (part of...
  6. D

    Cast Iron Refurbishment

    I am thinking of acquiring a moderately sized sculpture of a horse. Not megabucks but it is Russian and around 40 years old. It's cast iron and there is surface rust on it which will need to be removed and preventative treatment put on.. I have been googling about but wondered whether anyone...
  7. Spinal

    Scrap Iron?

    I'm spending the holidays redoing the bathroom... One of the things I need to throw out is the cast iron bath tub... problem is, being made of cast iron, it's insanely heavy. Along with 3 other friends, we managed to move it out... problem is, now I don't know what to do with it. I've...
  8. zenman63

    White Vito covered in iron fall out!

    Hi, As above my new Vito is covered in Iron fall out and is rusting like tiny orange spots on the roof ,bonnet and flat edges all over. Whats best to remove this? I know T cut will work but don't want to rub the fall out in the paint!
  9. GadgetBoy

    Norn Iron Noob saying Hello

    Greetings All I've just bought my first Merc - a 98 C240 Sport Auto with 83K on it and FSH. Lovely thing. First Merc and first auto so I'm a double virgin. Cheers.
  10. J

    Pair of iron gates

    each gate is approx 33" wide by 80" tall. The gates should be hung on 4 x standard pin hinges and it comes with 3 so you will need another hinge like the one attached, you can get these from b&q wickes etc. Cash on collection from scunthorpe, because there is 1 pin hinge short £40.
  11. pammy

    Chiminea - Cast iron or clay?

    After a couple of years of prevaricating we've almost decided to buy a chiminea. But.... do we go for clay or cast iron? decisions decisions. Which give out the best heat? Friends have a clay one that cracked almost straightaway, iron ones go rusty - or do they? We want to put it on wooden...
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