1. I

    6.9 in Ivory, 24k miles, Ebay US

    Mercedes Benz 400 Series 450 Sel 6 9 Magnificent Original Condition | eBay
  2. I

    92 300 td Light Ivory

    1992 MERCEDES 300 TD AUTO CREAM | eBay Odd thing this: Brazil? cloth for that year, ortho seats, elec adjustable though needing a switch, air con, good bolster under the bin liner. reinforced roof if the strips are genuine. Good miles. I think I'll have a little bid. Any one seen...
  3. 300CE

    1986 mercedes 230 e auto w124 ivory stunning original

    If any of you chaps are after something untouched, immaculate & original (24 SERVICE STAMPS WITH 3 KEEPERS A TIMEWARP SHOWCAR) 1986 MERCEDES 230 E AUTO W124 IVORY STUNNING ORIGINAL on eBay (end time 05-Apr-11 22:10:34 BST)
  4. pepper&boulou

    Ivory Heater Dials W202

    I bought these to fit to my car w124 and I thought they would fit as the chrome heater rings are kinda universal,Nope they dont fit Offers please.Ps borrowed this pic from Koolvins post but they're exactly the same.
  5. S

    Ivory Heater Dials.

    Koolvin/Anyone! Help. Bought the ivory heater dials, but could do with some advice on how to fit them. I've had the control unit out and stripped. Did you just cut the original displays off the front and glue/bodge the new ones on? :( Not sure what to do now, so I've put it all...
  6. A

    Fossil Ivory gear shifters

    as the header says, custom gear shifts made from any material including fossil ivory (very expensive) I was talking to a friend who is one of the top wood turners in the world this afternoon, he said he can lathe virtually any material to create custom gear shifts including peoples own...
  7. Koolvin

    part 1 of my Ivory dash mods

    here is part one of my ivory dash mods: (;ater W202 sports had Ivory dials)
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