1. BTB 500

    BBC 4 tonight - new documentary on British jets of the 50s & 60s

    Set the recorder for this if you like classic British jets :) Part 2 next week. BBC Four - Jet! When Britain Ruled the Skies, Military Marvels
  2. R

    wiper jets problem 99 ML320

    Hi, I have a problem with wiper jets, in that they only work when the wipers are on...when you pull the stork the jets should spray and the wipers should come on for a short time. But this doesn't happen on mine, you can only get it to work by clicking the stork up and then pulling it??? It's...
  3. billywhiz

    Heated Washer Jets E55 ??

    Does a W210 E55 have them ? thx :dk:
  4. C240Sport97

    changed windscreen washer jets

    my CLS had the twin jets on each side for the windscreen washer .. trouble was it was a nightmare to adjust and never seemed right the 4 jets simply would not cooperate. in Easter I noticed that my Dad's facelift 211 had the "spray" jets on either side so that you got "all over spray"...
  5. D

    SLK washer jets not working properly

    Hi everybody, I've got a 2001 SLK230 and the 2 front windscreen washer jets are not working as I believe they should. When activated, very little comes out of the passenger's side jet in both directions. The driver's side produces a good stream in one direction and not very much in the...
  6. babz

    Windscreen washer jets

    Hi guys, im having some problems with one of the 4 WS washer jets on my W202. 3 of them are working fine, they are shooting water onto the windscreen properly. However, one of the jets seem to be very weak, it only manages to squirt a tiny bit.. :crazy: any ideas? thanks in advance!! :)
  7. B

    Chrome Washer Jets

    Parts number - A1268600747 Offers around £30.00 inc p&p Brand new never been fitted
  8. 300CE

    Mercedes merc heated washer jets w124 s124 w201 190

    MERCEDES MERC HEATED WASHER JETS W124 S124 W201 190 on eBay (end time 19-Feb-11 16:35:24 GMT)
  9. NW_Merc

    In need of... OEM chrome washer jets

    I think available on the W126, however new they would set me back about £120, so looking for a used pair if poss. Ta very muchly.
  10. NW_Merc

    Chromed windscreen washer jets

    I've seen chrome windscreen washer jets available on the W126? Nav (KLP92) and talbir have them on certain cars. I was just wondering if they're still available?
  11. duncanh

    W203 heated washer jets

    I have a 2002 W203 220cdi classic estate. I think that it has heated front washer jets, but if so, I suspect they don't work. Does anyone know what activates them? Is it outside temperature, or a heater setting, or something completely different. If it is linked to the outside...
  12. pills12

    window jets

    can anyone tell me how to remove the washer jets from my w208 need to clean as blocked and needle wont clear problem
  13. columb

    Windscreen washer jets

    Hi! I don't know how you call it, but I'd like to replace (upgrade :rock:) my windscreen washer jets. I've driven many cars and some of them will have nice spray instead of two streams. Wold that be possible to have those washer jets replaced easily? (I hope you understand what I mean ;) )...
  14. AbbieCadabra

    w/screen washer jets stopped working, '57 CLK Cabrio

    my 6 month old Merc' has a little problem, how dare it! :eek: washer bottle full & the headlamp washers work ok but nothing happening with the windscreen jets. any ideas guys? :o or is it another trip to the dealer...:rolleyes:
  15. Z

    Windscreen washer jets not working

    Hi, I was driving around with the low fluid in the washer tank warning on for a few day using the odd squirt here and there. On my last squirt before I actually filled up the tank, the jets seemed to have no pressure behind them. Following this, I filled up the tank and the jets still had...
  16. P

    2001 E200K Blocked washer jets

    Hi all Firstly, Merry Christmas to everyone! My 2001 E200 Kompressor has developed a problem where by the driver's side winscreen washer jet is blocked and no water can pass through it. I have had a look on the website for the diagram but I can't seem to remove the washer jet...
  17. M

    heated washer jets for 124

    Hi All A frosty morning so i could see theree was no melting around the washer jets. I don't know whether this was ever an option on 124's. if it was is there a retrokit to fit?Part number? If not has any forum member done this as a mod? advice gratefully received, matt
  18. grober

    Swiss JETS over the Alps

    Found this on another forum.:o Yes they do have an airforce :rolleyes: dont know about a Navy tho.:p
  19. R

    Windscreen jets blocked?

    Hi all I have a problem as I think the jets are blocked, but the screen wash can be smelt though the vents. I see that is pouring onto the plastic moulding but not coming through the jets. Have the pipes come loose or are the jets blocked? Thanks for any answers? Regards Ian
  20. Shude

    Heated washer jets

    Anyone think they have heated washer jets? The option code is (875) I checked my own car and my previous car, neither has the heated washer system according to the EPC. The system looks quite slick though, element in the washer reserviour, different pipes, valves and heated nozzles. I...
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