1. kjgood

    Windscreen Washer Jets

    Anyone tell me how much new heated washer jets are for a 1998 C240 sport facelift?. They look like they come as a pair? as the electrical cable/connection is paired off under the bonnet.
  2. D

    Windscreen Washer Jets Heater

    Hi all, I know I have asked this question before but didn't get any good answers. I want to know how you can test if the heater on the windscreen washer jets are working or not. I have been told that they stay on all the time summer or winter. Is this correct? Thanks, David.
  3. D

    Windscreen Washer Jets

    Hi there, Does anybody know how the heated windscreen washer jets on my 98' W210 are activated if they exist. Stealer say they are working but can't feel any warmth and the frost on the bonnet immediately above them had no sign of thawing out this morning. Thanks, David.
  4. jimmy

    Illuminated Washer Jets

    Does anybody know where to get the illuminated washer jets and will they fit a C-class? I saw some on a Corsa the other day and I thought they looked really cool.:cool:
  5. Paul

    Heated washer jets

    As it say's, when are my windscreen washer jets heated? Are they linked to the outside temp' gauge or maybe the rear heated window switch? I never noticed any steam from the water last winter. One for you Koolvin <img src=""...
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