1. ioweddie

    Fun with Jets 'The Fighting Cocks'
  2. optimusprime

    Spare W126 washer jets

    Hi i have just purchased these washer jets for a W126 from a member on the forum .Thinking they would fit my W124 but on fiting them the hole is to large these are now up for sale. Looking for £25 free post.
  3. optimusprime

    W126 washer jets in chrome

    Need as set of window washer jets in chrome to fit the Mercedes W126 ...
  4. Robbruce

    W203 Windscreen washer jets

    I have been told these will cost £73 for the pair can someone verify this please seems a lot for two jet even if they are heated. Rob
  5. R

    Adjusting washer jets on 2012 C63?

    Do I need a special tool to adjust the washer jets on the c63 which are currently aimed below the wipers? Each jet has two slots. What was wrong with the traditional pin hole jets Mercedes!
  6. P

    W211 washer jets post 2006

    After windscreen washer jets (mist type) from 2006 onwards Part no a2118601147
  7. P

    Windscreen washer jets w211

    Just wondering if anyone's thought about converting to the fan type washer jets that let a nice wide stream out all over the screen rather than the current old style jets. I've had the fan type on a few Vws and rate them TIA
  8. chubbs111

    washer jets

    hi peeps,ive noticed some vehicles have washer jets that spray a mist rather than a jet,is there anything available to fit a w208.
  9. S

    Question sl500 no horn no left xenon right indicator side light windscreen jets after

    Hi guys my friend recently got a sl500 2005 (late 05) because he finally wanted to have a luxury car in his life for the first time after many years of working hard and not having enough to treat himself. he did not use the car for 3 weeks here in London and it rained heavily and a family...
  10. M

    W163 ML270 windscreen washer jets

    Hi Guy's, As per my newbie thread, I've finally bought an old ML 270 (03 plate). I bought it with a number of known minor niggles that I'm rapidly wading through and putting right. One niggle that seems a pain in the proverbial is the ridiculous washer Jet design. I have 1 jet working fine...
  11. D

    washer jets and brake pad sensor

    Hi does anyone know how to remove the windscreen washer jets on a clk c209 2006 I have removed the 3 screws underneath the bonnet but it still does not come out also how many brake wear sensors are on this car
  12. D

    windscreen washer jets

    Hi does anyone know how to remove the washer jets on a clk c209 2006 I have removed the 3 allien screws but it still does not come out also how many brake pad sensors oron this model
  13. F

    Connectors attached to washer jets in engine bay

    All First post. New member. My wife's 1986 500 SL jas just come back from having some accident damage repaired. While I was nosing around in the engine bay inspecting the work, I noticed one of the hoses to the passenger side windscreen washer jet wasn't connected. Popped that back on, but...
  14. A

    Wind screen washer jets

    What is the recommended procedure for removing the grill that houses the screen washer nozzles on a clk 320 209. I have removed sufficient bonnet insulation and removed the three allemn headec screws , but still cannot remove the grill ...
  15. P

    Cold War, Hot Jets

    BBC2 9:00pm, 8th Nov <oops, sorry, posted in wrong section> "1/2. Britain emerged from the Second World War in financial crisis, but the development of the jet engine provided hope for the future and resulted in a world-leading aviation industry. In the first of a two-part documentary...
  16. M

    Vito 108CDi V plate Washer jets not working, and glowplug warning light always on

    The front windscreen washer jets are not working. There is fluid present. There is no noise of a motor when pressing the washer switch with the ignition on. There are two wires going to the motor: a black/purple/red wire, suspected to be the feed from the switch, and a brown wire, suspected to...
  17. J

    Windscreen Washer Nozzle's (Jets)

    HI everyone Looking for at least one of the above for my 2004 W163 ML. TIA Jane
  18. Bobby Dazzler

    Unimogs and Jump Jets

    Something you don't see every day: RAF Unimog 406 Aircraft Tractor Moving Harrier Jet. - YouTube
  19. B

    Heated Washer Jets? - 2013 C250CDI Auto AMG Sport Plus Auto Coupe

    Hi All I am taking delivery of my new C250CDI Coupe AMG Sport Plus Auto in the middle or March but I have a quick question about the washer jets. Are they heated as standard? I noticed there was an option for Heated Windscreen washer system? I was a little confused, as paying £36500 for a...
  20. BillyW124

    W124 washer jets...

    Hello Chaps, I heard that the washer jets on a 124 are heated/warm up a little when the temp falls to a certain level. Is this true? Went outside today to test in the frosty conditions and let the car run for a bit. Whilst the mirrors were touch warm i didnt really feel this with the jets...
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