1. merc85

    Another Merc joins the family

    Went and test drove a Merc a140 today, and yep put a deposit down. Now it turned out we bought a Silver one lol, But hey the wife liked it. Picking it up soon, There was a clonk coming from the nearside front over bumps, sounded like a drop link, Wishbone, Shock ect knocking. Asked the...
  2. bob6600

    Carrie Fisher joins the list - RIP

    2016 just isn't a good year for celebs Carrie Fisher dies aged 60 just days after being rushed to the hospital * | Daily Mail Online
  3. Timster

    New (to us) C class joins the family

    So after our accident last weekend - my wife has decided that the safest place to be on the roads is in a merc, not her old focus. I'm inclined to agree with her. So I bought her a C class yesterday and suprised her with it this morning! Happy days Happy families Here's to happy motoring and...
  4. N

    W204 joins the family

    My wife now has a 2007 C320 CDI ! with lots of goodies, sport model sits nicely with the SL 320 (R129) and my E 320 CDI (W211) Not sure if this was a wise decision but at least no one minds which car they take !
  5. The _Don

    Chris harris joins pistonheads

    PistonHeads Headlines - Chris Harris joins PistonHeads
  6. SilverSaloon

    new W124 E300D estate joins its brother!

    Hi As many know I have a green W124 estate and now I also have a silver one. Both are E300D multivalve diesels. The new car has full MB service history up to about 50k ago and is in very good order apart from a few issues. It appears its been well cared for in its 230,000 lifetime but in...
  7. jpskiller

    Exhaust Blowing At Joins.. Help

    note not a MB, but a Jeep;) Few months ago I replaced the backbox and cat for new ones (ebay), the cat is the type where the pipes slide into it and has A clamp on each end. Have noticed recently that where the front pipe and cat join, it is blowing quite a bit from round the top of the...
  8. H

    Guest joins at last

    I have been a guest on this forum for about 6 years. I have found it an intelligent place to visit with a lot of interesting information. My car is a Calcite White C350cdi Estate collected by me from Bremen last October. Options on it: Intelligent bi-xenon lights, gray leather heated...
  9. M

    A "new" 124 joins the family

    When Andy K put his 95 estate up for sale I jumped at getting it for Natalie purely because it has heated seats and she has been spoilt driving mine recently (i.e. I want mine back!!). Natalies Bornite estate is now the new works vehicle for 124 works and everyone is happy. Had a minor...
  10. BarryG

    Hi all, a lurker joins. :)

    Well I have lurked about here for awhile now, but feel I should now join as Malcolm "Television" that font of MB knowledge appears to be residing here now :) Having arrived from a forum far far away, where the darkside seems to be in evidence. I will be asking more questions than giving...
  11. mark.t

    Recycling who joins in

    Well having thought about it lets see if I can justify it as my wife recycles with zest . first of all the plastic bin which was produced for the recycled material ...on mass . then the waste of water as the tins are washed out and the labels removed average flow 9lit per min x zillions...
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