1. markjay

    RIP Ken Barrie

    Ken Barrie: Postman Pat voice actor dies - BBC News
  2. st13phil

    Ken Block's Gymkhana - With a Difference

    This is fun :D [YOUTUBE HD]cwohXm_uaGw[/YOUTUBE HD]
  3. noy91

    Ken Block Gymkhana 7

    Not the fastest way from A to B, but certainly an impressive one: [HOONIGAN] KEN BLOCK'S GYMKHANA SEVEN: WILD IN THE STREETS OF LOS ANGELES - YouTube
  4. @MARK

    NOT Ken Block

    sXGdCyZAdek Found over on the other side
  5. Dieselman

    The best of Ken Block on video

    Slightly more interesting than his normal stuff. sXGdCyZAdek
  6. M

    Ken Russell, RIP

    Director Ken Russell, who did more than most to bring together the worlds of cimena and music, died yesterday, aged 84. Though best known for The Devils and Women in Love, he also directed The Who's rock-opera, Tommy, and made several well-regarded biopics of composers, including Lizst...
  7. Godot

    Ken Block's Dirt 3 Gymkhana: Battersea Power Station, London

    [YOUTUBE HD]vX_JSw8iAeQ[/YOUTUBE HD]:eek::eek:
  8. bigyin1

    Car Control - Ken Block #2 seems pretty handy :cool:
  9. B

    Ken Livingstone’s secret plan to extend congestion charging

    Times Online today
  10. Spinal

    Uncle Ken Dislikes Motorbike Yobs...

    Also known as the "conceal the safety benefits and hope those that don't vote for you go an kill themselves" thread.... Stolen from the Ducati forum I'm a...
  11. 280gee

    Court of Ken

    Some good info for fans or otherwise of the congestion charge etc. Dispatches CH4 Now.
  12. rlowy

    Seeing Red Ken.

    Overtaken by a red bus with an "out of service" sign on the A22 at Kenley right outside the Police Station! I had my cruise control set at 33 mph I estimated his speed at 40 to 45 mph. I am certain I would get prosecuted at that speed would the driver of a bus I wonder? Setting a fine example...
  13. grober

    Boris or Ken?

    Boris or Ken? Or should that be Bert and Ernie (with apologies to all muppet fans). Its a tough call.:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  14. grober

    And everyone thought KEN was bad

    Just be thankful you don't live in BEIJING :eek:
  15. maxg

    I think we should vote if Ken should stay or go

    I have just received a leaflet for LEZ (London low emission zone) I have for work a 5t tipper (2.4t unladen same as a land rover discovery) it says I have to jump though various hoops to get the truck to have lower particulates, Or pay £200 per day of use in the zone (almost out to the M25)...
  16. Satch

    Ken Livingstone v US Ambassador

    I have always disliked Ken, but becoming clear he has now wholly lost the plot. He might try mentioning that huge unpaid congestion charge and parking fines are racked up by embassy staff from many other countries before ranting about "political decisions" by the US. Livingstone labels US...
  17. scotth_uk

    Anyone else been called by Ken for the CC survey?

    I got a call at 6:45pm this evening from a girl in a call centre asking if I would co-operate in the CC survey. No probs - I am a supporter (to a degree). Essentially they were after: How often do you use it Why you use it (through, or in) How long are you there Is it affordable Do you...
  18. nickg

    Sharp practice from Ken 'Capita' Livingstone

    Paid the congestion charge last week, and luckily kept the receipt because yesterday received a PCN. Now I have to send them my receipt as proof that I paid, and hope they don't lose it............always keep your receipt!!! On a connected matter, I came across this site the other day...
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