1. brucemillar

    Label the toolbox. How difficult can that be?

    Well my friends, here is today's 1st world problem. I have in may garage a fabulous array of mechanics tool chests. These are a variety of colours and sizes, but all with lovely roller bearing drawers. I would like to be able to label each drawer clearly and neatly so that I know the contents...
  2. D

    Data Label Question

    I have a 2015 C 250 AMG line. I assume it is a W205. I notice on the data label on the door jam and in the logbook the 'Type' is given as 204. Is this normal? I hope!
  3. Doodle

    Gummed label for gear lever

    I know it was mentioned some years back, but did anyone ever find out the P/N for the V8 emblem for the top of the gear shift? I know Jerry in the US does the complete units, but I have a perfectly suitable one here that just needs a new emblem.
  4. npuk

    Dymo Label printer and 6 packs of labels for under £20!

    Buy the Dymo Labelwriter 450 and 6 packs of labelwriter labels on the same order between 1st October 2011 and 31st December 2011, and you can claim £100 cashback from Dymo. If this sounds like a really crazy deal, that's because it is - do the maths! You could walk away with a labelwriter and...
  5. O

    C32 AMG Gear Shifter Label

    Hello, I have just purchased a C32 AMG and I need to order a new label for my gear shifter stick. Does anyone know where I can purchase one without going to MB Main Stealers? Thanks in advance, Otis.
  6. O

    What does the label tell you

    This post may seem like going back to basics but we are constantly surprised by the amount of people who do not know or understand what is written on a bottle of oil and therefore have no idea of what they are looking for, buying or using. This post should help as a basic guide, for more...
  7. M

    Bentley Arnage Red Label

    I am toying with buying a 2000 model and wondered if anyone knew anything about the different specs of Bentley's . For example I dont really know what the difference is between a red label one and a non red label car. Would the Arnarge be the sportier of the range of that year ? I've...
  8. 420SE

    Anybody use REDEX system cleaner? ('green' vs. 'red' label REDEX)

    Daft question coming up - you've been warned :p I bought some REDEX. Now, when buying, I had a choice of 2. The red label is designe for petrol cars and the green label for cars with injectors.....I bought the green? Is that right? Does a 420SE have injectors? :o :D
  9. D

    Unable to alter volume label Drive D

    Hi Guys, Was given a DVD which I loaded, viewed then moved on loaded others played CD's etc. Then I noticed that the volume label for my drive D has been hijacked with the title of the first DVD and I can't amend it! Highlighting on the title and drive lettter then properties I can amend...
  10. GrahamC230K

    XENON Warning Label

    Long story, don't ask, brand new, cost £6, offers for more than cost of a 1st Class stamp please.
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