Unable to alter volume label Drive D

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May 16, 2004
South Devon UK
C250 TD
Hi Guys,

Was given a DVD which I loaded, viewed then moved on loaded others played CD's etc. Then I noticed that the volume label for my drive D has been hijacked with the title of the first DVD and I can't amend it!

Highlighting on the title and drive lettter then properties I can amend the title until I press apply or return but I get the message, "you do not have sufficient rights to perform this operation" I am logged on to my system as the only user.
Any ideas guys? It's not important just annoying 'cos whatever DVD or CD that I load theyv'e all got the same title.



This happens to me too in win2k. Let me guess, ur a windows user? and you disabled auto-run? There are two solutions if so. the "always works" method is just reboot. The sometimes works method is refreshing the page where your drives are (i.e. the my computer page), sometimes right clicking, clicking eject (SOFTWARE eject, not the button on your drive), and then closing with an empty cd works...
Hi Spinal,

Thanks for your reply you where quite right, closing down the system and starting again did the trick.

Many thanks,


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