1. ioweddie

    Mid Air Repair By a Very Brave Lady

    Without a Parachute mid air repair…by a woman in 1924 Take a look at this film. Fabulous footage, although grainy due to time and bad equipment in those days compared to today. Gladys Ingalls was a member of a barnstorming troupe called the 13 Black Cats in the 1920's. Ingles was a...
  2. D

    mercedes 500 sl w107 hardtop ice blue lady owner private plate air con leather 2+2

    KVG 545 kavanagh SAS SOS n mercedes w107 500 sl 102k fsh 2+2 n aircon no plate | eBay
  3. lisa110rry

    Help a lady whose steering wheel judders on braking?

    Hi folks, I must confess this problem is not with the little green SLK, but rather with my elderly, but not as elderly as the SLK, Honda CR-V. When I'm driving at, say, 50mph or above, if I need to brake more than very slowly, my steering wheel judders. She's going in for her service and MOT...
  4. lisa110rry

    A dreadful confession for a lady...

    THis year, I was late getting the little green car out. Instead of 1st April, it was erm,1st June! (PPPPPP - I leave you to decipher that.) So, when I got her out, the key fob wouldn't work the door locks. No problem, I have spare batteries in a certain cupboard. Changed the batteries, no...
  5. I

    Best Review Ever? 500E by a Russian Lady. I’ve not yet managed to watch this all the way through without interuption - I assume there’s a happy ending. Nurse!!!!!
  6. markjay

    Sylvia Anderson (voice of Lady Penelope) RIP
  7. leef44

    For lady owner....?

    How often you see adverts boasting one lady owner on second hand cars. Walking to work in the morning I see mum's taking their children to school. One has a Civic type-R (highly tuned engine revs to 8500rpm, needs careful warming up before exploiting its limits). She starts it from cold and...
  8. bob6600

    One Lady Owner

    An old video but I only just saw it online SrPu-xGrKrk
  9. J

    Here's a few pics of my young lady

    Hi all, I gave her a wash and brush up, took her out for a run in the sun and grabbed a few snaps. She's got 60k on the clock and runs sweet as a nut with a gorgeous exhaust note. If you see us on the Yorkshire Coast give us a wave Regards all John
  10. N

    So I watched this lady top up her oil.
  11. trapperjohn

    Naked Lady.

    Gotcha. Well all boats are ladies are they not and this is one I have just finished getting the paint and varnish off. This is "Lemberg" A Fast Target Towing Vessel built on the Isle of Wight in 1942. Think MTB but 10 feet shorter. She belongs to a buddy on mine and Im helping him out...
  12. cockyapple

    The new lady in my life has arrived home...

    The new lady in my life has arrived and she is an absolute cracker ....I hope she treats me gently!!! I'm very very happy with her
  13. N

    Recommend a car for this lady please.

    A friend is starting a new, high powered job on May 1 which involves a 102 mile round trip commute (M4, M25, A1M). She will be racking up annual commuting mileage alone of 20,000 miles & wants a new (to her) car for the job. Budget is £12K. Mr Executive had suggested an SLK, SL, 350Z or one...
  14. ringway

    Ex-Lord & Lady Beaverbrook C43 AMG Estate.

    Nice model, and no doubt well serviced. Shame about the condition. :crazy: It will require in excess of £1,500 spending on it to get to a decent standard. LINK.
  15. developer

    Lady Trucker?????

    The skip lady on MotherTruckers right now is never a lady :eek: Edit - she is Mike.
  16. O

    She's been a lady

    My 1996 E200 has been a great car,purchased in2002 it has been reliable and has only recently started to rust around front wheel arches. With regret im looking to replace her with a newer model and have struggled to find similar spec model around 2006. Recently i have been looking at some E350...
  17. EDZ649

    One for the lady members....

    2007 MERCEDES C220 CDI SE AUTO PINK on eBay (end time 22-Jan-11 11:48:59 GMT)
  18. camerontyler

    Mercedes Keyring for the Ladies & the Lady Laddies

    Found these and bought one for the Mrs so she'll stop using her standard million key keyring in the car thus not scratching the hell out of my lovely dashboard! £3.99 delivered (1st class) apparently genuine, more than 10 available. Will post a better picture once it arrives. GENUINE MERCEDES...
  19. EDZ649

    W124 220CE Ex Lady Diana

    lady diana merc e220 on eBay (end time 30-May-10 10:28:21 BST)
  20. Godot

    It aint over until the Fat Lady Sings

    Opera singers disguised as shopkeepers were selling produce at various stalls last month at the central market in Valencia, Spain. Suddenly Verdi's Il Travatore started playing over the loudspeakers, and watch what happened. Ds8ryWd5aFw:thumb: Wish it would happen here !
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