1. RyanMuller

    New laptop for work: £600-£650 budget

    Hi all, I have a budget for a new laptop. Uses will be running office, maybe a small bit of drawings but nothing too intensive like 3D CAD. Would ideally like a solid state hard drive. I have £600-£650 to spend. Can anybody recommend me a laptop, preferably with a 15" screen...
  2. clk320x

    Samsung Laptop

    Samsung Laptop - excellent condition. RRP - £400 Spec: Samsung 355V5C AMD A6-4400M Processor 15.6" HD Screen Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit 6GB DDR3 RAM 500GB HDD DVD Rewriter Integrated Graphics Bluetooth 4...
  3. G

    Laptop DDR PC2-5300 200-pin SODIMM sticks

    I've recently acquired an excellent condition Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 with a view to install Mercedes STAR software on it :thumb: The laptop came with 512MB single memory module, so I decided to upgrade it, and ordered a set of two new Samsung DDR2 1GB units. Then I bought another set of...
  4. whizzkid11

    [SOLD] For Sale: VARIOUS HP Laptops

    Hi All, Its been a while but several people from the forum have purchased some used laptops from me over the years. I have just been offered some more used laptops and I am gauging any interest on here. I usually get them for family and friends and not as a profit making venture...
  5. A

    Mercedes Star C3 Diagnostic with laptop

    Hi, Not sure if this is the correct place to post this or not - I am wanting to check the "legalities" of selling my Star C3 and Dell laptop setup. I purchased it a couple of years ago but don't have a Merc any more and when I get another, it is likely to be a newer one so this won't work on...
  6. N

    Laptop or desktop recommendation please.

    Could use a little help from those of you who keep up to speed with this stuff. A 75 y.o. friend who has never used a computer wants to get one. I guess a laptop would be most convenient but a desktop pc would also be OK. I think anything with a smaller screen would present problems. He'll use...
  7. wongl

    Lenovo Laptop with STAR

    For sale Lenovo Laptop with STAR. Back in London for the holidays and looking to sell my Lenovo Laptop complete with STAR (but without the mux and leads). This version of STAR has developer mode complete with a few customised screens to reconfigure the NTG head - this menu was deleted in later...
  8. B

    Mercedes c3 with Dell laptop

    Selling as just not using anymore. Brought about a year ago, and brought the Dell laptop refurbished at same time. Works really well, has wis, epc, comes with c3 multiplex leads for 16pin obd, small round sprinter lead and older big round lead. Has developer mode with is good. Change...
  9. MD5

    Can't log in to laptop

    'Morning All! I have a 2/3 year old 11" HP Pavilion dm1 using Windows 7 Home Premium, and it hasn't been used for a couple of months. When I start it up and type in my password, I'm getting this message: "The User Profile Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded" This...
  10. MercMania


    Selling for a friend a toshiba laptop, he doesn't know much about computers so not given me much info and not sure about full spec
  11. MercMania

    Toshiba laptop

    Selling for a friend a toshiba laptop, he doesn't know much about computers so not given me much info
  12. chubbs111

    laptop help

    hoping someone will be able to help with a problem on my wifes laptop.please be gentle as my knowledge of computing is very poor,acer extensa 5235,originally had an academic program installed,took it to a so called laptop expert (ha ha)he said he had re installed windows 7 (previous copy was...
  13. ShinyF1

    Laptop for a teenager

    Looking for a laptop for my 14 year old daughter - not sure I even recognise what is available any more. I think I need a 13"/14" screen, a decent size HDD, and don't want to spend more than £300 if I can help it. But what do I go for from: Windows laptop - why all W8? Can you still get W7...
  14. mbzclk

    HP Pavilion 14-b110sa Sleekbook Laptop Core i3-3227U 1.9GHz, 4GB RAM, 750GB HDD

    Hi Re-advertising this as I had originally planned to give this to my niece but she has been given a MacBook. Brand New and sealed, this would make an ideal Christmas gift or present for a youngster. It's lightweight and very slim, just like an Ultrabook. Take a look at the following link...
  15. developer

    Laptop No Longer Seeing Phone

    My HTC One Mini connects to the laptop via a mini usb cable. It's been fine for months, but now the phone doesn't show in "Computer" on the laptop tree structure any more. When I connect there's a "ta da", so it appears the connection is recognised. Also, the lead still charges the phone...
  16. P

    HP Elitebook 8460p Core i7 Laptop

    As per the title. Core i7 4gb ram 320gb hdd 14.1" screen Win 7 pro Recently installed and all updated Genuine HP Charger £300 delivered. Review HP EliteBook 8460p Notebook - Reviews
  17. mbzclk

    HP Pavilion 14 Sleekbook Laptop Intel Core i3-3227U 1.9GHz, 4GB RAM, 750GB HDD

    Brand New - Boxed and Sealed (Unwanted) Model Number: B110SA Color : Black Processor Type Core i3 Processor Speed 1900 MHz RAM Size 4096 MB DDR3 Hard Drive Size 750 GB Wireless N Windows 8 / 8.1 Any questions feel free to ask... Cash on Collection from London or +£10-15 for...
  18. P

    HP Elitebook 8440p Core i7 Laptop

    For sale due to not being needed anymore. Freshly rebuilt with Win7 pro 64b, all updates applied 4gb ram 320 hdd Fully installed Office 2010 Genuine HP charger £250 posted Ebay item 301201832895 (pictures on there)
  19. alzieboy

    laptop to HD Panasonic TV

    I would like to connect my Acer Aspire 5732Z laptop to my HD Panasonic TV. The laptop does not have HDMI socket, the TV does. Can i get a HDMI to USB cable and would this work, fed up watching BT Sport on the Laptop !!!. any help gratefully received :thumb:
  20. G

    Dell XPS Studio 13 laptop

    Hi, Change in personal circumstance means I have to part company with my trusty Dell windows version of a Mac - albeit a poor sibling to a Mac, it is nonetheless an excellent machine. It's on flea bay as per link below with full description, but I need cash sadly so happy to let it go to forum...
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