1. verytalldave


    This is not a post for discussion - simply a place to record your preference for your main TV set type. Many apologies if this poll has been run before - in which case please remove............ 30 day poll.
  2. Spinal

    LCD Advice

    Greetings; I was getting ready to do some Christmas shopping and stumbled over this: Question is - as it has a VGA port, what stops me from using it as a monitor for my PC? I'm guessing the resolution will be its downfall at 1366x768 (which spread...
  3. smillion

    Bought 46" LCD TV today - Curry's margin?

    Saw a fantastic TV is Currys today. Great salesman. Knew his stuff and convinced us was what we needed for the PS3 etc. 1080p TV for those that are in the know. Store price £1,599 Curry's web price £1,599 Went home to "think about it." - in truth they were in stock - I just couldn't envisage...
  4. WLeg

    Mac mini and Sony LCD TV.

    Has anyone connected a Mac Mini to a LCD TV to use as the primary display ? I’m thinking of getting one, and mounting it behind a wall mounted 28” Sony LCD via a mini DVI>HDMI cable, and using a wireless keyboard (any idea of range??) My main concern is picture quality as its main use will...
  5. Donza

    LCD or Plasma Television? help me out!

    My father is after a 50 inch TV. I have an LCD, and i without doubt recommend it. HOWEVER, i have never had a plasma. He can get a fully kitted 50" plasma for 1000 pounds. Compare this to an LCD, which retails in the UK at 1200 minimum. Which type should he buy...
  6. L

    Toshiba LCD This one's for Television.

    This post is mainly for Malcolm but anyone is welcome to join in. I have a Toshiba 17" lcd TV Model 17WL46B that won't play. I have had it in the local repairers and they say it needs a new PCB main board @ £280+ this is almost as much as the TV cost. I was wondering if the pcb could be...
  7. mark.t

    Lcd Tv Screen Cleaning

    Hi just got a samsung lcd tv what's the best meathod of cleaning the screen on lcd tv's are these cleaning kits any good ........ what do you use.
  8. kbhogalW126

    Connecting a laptop to an LCD TV - HOW?

    :crazy: I've got an LCD TV which i am trying to get connected to my laptop so that we can use the tv as a larger display for movies etc. I've got a Belkin VGA to DVI-I cable bought and connectd up. The VGA side is connected to the side of the laptop. The DVI-I side is in the back of...
  9. A

    5" lCD TV/monitor

    Absolutely stunning little Maxim miniature TV/monitor. Works on either 12volt DC, battery (10 AA which fit in the external pack/base - that's the black thing below the tv in the picture) or mains using the included power suppy. Input is either from an external aerial or video link so...
  10. A

    LCD Dash on 220CDI Year 2000

    Hi, Can anyone advise me regarding the Crystal display on the dash, ie, Miles, Tripometer, Clock etc. The crystals are either not illuminating or hardly illuminating. Presently I cannot read any of the digits. This has progressively got worse over the last six months. Thanks. Andy
  11. Laters

    LCD monitor problem

    I’ve been using my 19” Iiama CRT monitor for the last few years & had no problems. I decided that because LCD flat monitors are supposed to be better for my eyes that I would change my screen. I bought a iiyama 22” widescreen LCD panel. Thats where the problems start.:o The images are...
  12. M

    Plasma or LCD ??

    I am looking at buying a large TV or display and I reckon Plasma is the way to go for anything over 37" Found this : We have a 42" fujitsu plasma screen (no tv tuner or...
  13. Thmsshaun

    4" LCD Portable Colour TV

    Roadstar 4" LCD portable remote control colour TV Screen Size 4" (v10cm) Active Matrix Display (TFT) Automatic on Screen Bar Tuning A/V Input Video Output Headphone Output Remote Control Mains/Car/Battery (230/12V) Operation AC Adaptor Included DC Car Lighter...
  14. M

    Lcd Display

    Can anyone advise me why my LCD time/temp clock and my LDC tiptronic gear display have faded? CLK 320 E - YEAR 2000 Advice and a fix if known appreciated Thanks
  15. reflexboy

    Flat Screen LCD TV's-Advice needed

    I'm looking into a flat screen LCD TV. I like the look of the Samsung R73 and R74 series. I want it to be HD ready, with built in Freeview tuner. Does anybody know the difference between the R73 and R74 Series, or is it purely cosmetic looks? I think the R73 series looks better personally.
  16. T

    Dead pixels in LCD dash

    Hi, Occasionally in the gear and time display some of the pixels are missing. Next day they may be back or others may be dead. Is this a known issue or has someone seen it before? The car is a W208 CLK. Thanks!
  17. A

    Hitachi Platara 22" LCD TV for sale

    Hitachi 22LD4200UK 22" LCD TV Specification Built in Analogue Tuner and Speakers Teletext / Fastext TV Picture in Picture with PC (when used as a PC Monitor) 100 station memory 2 x Scart, 1 x S-Video, 1 x Compostie Video and 1 PC Inputs (can be used as a PC monitor) Panel features...
  18. Swiss Toni

    Ludite Qn - LCD or Plasma TV?

    Ludite requests advice (or point me in the right direction with a link!).... Want to buy a 32" to 40" telly and spend less than £2k, what are the pros and cons of plasma vs LCD? And if you want to recommend a particular make/model that'd be great too. Cheers :D
  19. P

    Headrest LCD Monitors

    What brand/make/model are these monitors? Are they custom made or are made from a specific company? Any information about them? Any website link?
  20. david55amg

    clk dash lcd faulty

    Hi all, I wonder if anyone can help? I have a 320 clk, w208 2000 model year. The problem is the lcd dash has 4 pixels in-op on the gearbox indicator/clock. is this repairable or is it (as I suspect) an expensive replacement? Any feedback would be appreciated :D :D
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