1. P

    New E class estate-is the funky LCD dash standard?

    Had one as a hire car over the weekend, just wondered if the electronic dash board is standard or an extra? Was an Estate E Class
  2. G

    Dash LCD displays

    Hi my W208 CLK has some pixels missing from the clock & exterior temperature displays, the rest of the instrumentation works fine, can anyone advise on a fix please
  3. RyanMuller

    New LCD Screen for C32 AMG W203

    Hello, Anybody know where I can get a replacement centre LCD screen for the dashboard? The hot weather is fading the edges. Thank you in advance! Ryan
  4. P

    R129 climate control LCD

    Does anyone know if the LCD screen on the climate control panel on a year 2000 SL can be repaired ? I can occassionally get it to display all of its information by pressing in different places around the screen but it's getting harder to get a result ! Any suggestions of how & who can repair...
  5. S

    CL203 - LCD Display issue

    Hi All Please forgive me if this has been asked before - I did a bit of looking and couldn't see anything too obvious. I've got a 2004 C Class Coupe C220 CDI. I think this is a facelift car (not totally sure). Anyway, the car is fine, but I've got a problem with the LCD screen in the...
  6. noogieman

    WTB: Sanyo PLV-Z2000 OR Z3000 - LCD projector

    looking to buy a projector with original low working lamp hours. I only want to buy a clean projector without issues!! projector has to come from a pet and smokefree household, which is a must! all factory parts, documents/purchase receipt and original box still available. do you have one for...
  7. H

    w202 lcd heater controls

    hi. does anyone have a w202 lcd heater switch pack they are willing to part with?
  8. K

    Control-APS LCD screen finish problem

    Hi just got a new to me SL 350 and the weathers been great! I've attached a pic of the problem. Has someone been an aggressive cleaner and warn off the anti-glare. Only show on dark screen but does age the interior. Tried LCD cleaner and makes no difference. Can i polish off...
  9. E

    Lg m237wd lcd tv

    £75 Pickup LG M237WD LCD TV | eBay
  10. AndyPCD

    Parrot CK3100 lcd

    For sale new and sealed in the box parrot ck3100 lcd Here is a link to the page where you can see all the info on it. Parrot - Hands free systems Looking for £90 plus p+p for it.
  11. Alfie

    Sony KDL46W2000 46" LCD Tv for sale. £250

    I am selling my sony KDL46W2000 46" LCD TV. I've had it about 4 years and paid £2500 for it when I bought it. I'm happy to sell it here for £250. Buyer to collect. Comes with the stand, wall bracket and remote control. Its full 1080i/1080P HD compatible. Full specs can be seen here...
  12. mykaitch

    access to the lcd screen W204

    I have a new C180SE ie 5 days old.:thumb: Can the perforated trim either side of the LCD be removed and if so, how? How is the ashtray removed ie the tray where it shouldbe ? Finally, does the single CD Audio20 have a MOST connector for the multi-media interface ? Thanks all;)
  13. I

    Heater blower and lcd bulb problem

    Hi all, Bought a replacement heater blower for my 1999 pre facelift Mercedes E320. The blower works fine, if a little noisy - strange low level drone on full power but out of the car the motor runs well. My problem is that the air flow is pathetic. Hardly any air flow. Not sure what to do. Would...
  14. Gollom

    For Sale: 19" HD Ready Freeview LCD DVD TV

    Model number: 19LCDVD860 (Digihome) Brand new in box HD Ready Contrast Ratio : 1,000:1 Built in DVD Player Pixel Resolution : 1366x768 Television Type : LCD HDMI Connection Brightness : 250cd/m2 Screen Size : 19" Can be used as PC Monitor Looking for £60. If posted will be charged...
  15. JasM

    Retrofitting COMAND, LCD cluster and M/f wheel in a 2009 Sprinter

    Is it possible to retrofit COMAND NTG 2.5, LCD cluster and the multifunction steering wheel in a 2009 MB Sprinter? Thanks
  16. shanksy

    W124 Outside Temperature LCD Display (Celsius)

    In picking up all required to retro fit this to my coupe i've acquired one too many displays. If anyone needs a replacement LCD Display in Celsius give me a shout. Display is in perfect condition. Thanks
  17. sherco450

    w210 e320 accurate oil reading LCD

    the old mans e320 has travelled 450,000 km and is consuming a little oil / or the sensor is a tad sensitive, if l put that extra 100ml or so ,any how is it possible to get into the dash menu for an accurate LCD reading. l know the multi function steering model on my 240 allows me to ,but l...
  18. shanksy

    W124 External Temp LCD + Sensor

    I'm going to be taking my instrument panel out soon and thought while I was at it I may as well put in the missing LCD temperature sensor. Does anyone have the LCD display with the loom and the sensor ? Or some multiple of those parts ?......... Cheers
  19. V

    W210 LCD Clock Problem

    Wondered if anyone is in the know. My LCD clock is exceptionally dim - you can just about make out the digits in the right light - however, all pixels are there. Do you think it might be a fused backlight bulb problem ? The other LCD readouts are fine - ie the temp and centre multi...
  20. D

    Model Number: DVN-MBC Mercedes-Benz series 7" Touch Screen LCD Multimedia Navigation

    Hi Guys, I'm looking at bluetooth and Sat nav etc, and came across this Model Number: DVN-MBC Mercedes-Benz series 7" Touch Screen LCD Multimedia Navigation System It's not a genuine Benz part, but would it work in my cClass 180K and what are your thoughts?
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