1. mercmanuk

    hitachi 32" lcd tv's £250

    richersounds are doing the hitachi ut32mh70 panel for £250 with the 5yr extended warranty for another £25. the cheapest i can find on the net is £600,ive been told they loose money selling them but they try and talk you into buying a freeview type box at £190+a hdmi lead at £35 and a wall...
  2. Seamster15

    Removing Crayon from an LCD screen

    Guys, My darling daughter has used the LCD TV to draw on... any idea's of the best way to remove? Mrs S tried rubbing off with baby wipes before telling me.
  3. BenzedUP

    Samsung SyncMaster 940MW 19" HD LCD..

    Hi all, I am selling my Samsung SyncMaster 940MW 19" HD LCD display. It's in excellent condition and has not been used that much More detailed specs are available here: (UK) : Samsung SyncMaster 940MW 19" TFT LCD TV : Electronics - Free Delivery Review here...
  4. P

    LCD Pixel repairs

    Now have the two special MB tools to remove the dispplay console and hopefully repair the deal pixels in all three dash displays. However, I can't find the HOW TO thread on here to explain what I need to do..... it must be here somewhere it has been refered to loads of times. Can anyone help...
  5. flango

    New LCD TV

    Well I have finally decorated the loungue, laid the new floor, decorated the walls, put up new lights and wall lights, installed a new fire and fireplace and thought my work here was done, but oh no SWMBO has decided the TV looks old fashioned and spoils the new decor, so I need to buy a new TV...
  6. W

    Dodgy LCD dashboard displays on W210

    I've looked at a few cars recently that had dodgy LCD displays in the dashboard. They were the small one in the left hand side that shows the time and the small one in the right hand side that shows the drive posution (1,2,3,4,d,ETC). Not all the pixels were showing. One of the garages...
  7. D

    w202 c230k lcd display for outside temperature

    The cold weather has caused the display to malfunction. it shows a blotchy area around the degree centigrade text if that makes sense. Can the display itself be replaced? Les
  8. pammy

    Any thoughts on this lcd tv? Josh wants to buy an lcd tv - app 32" - for his xbox. Any thoughts on this one please? Has a Samsung panel which I believe are good.
  9. KillerHERTZ

    Recommend a LCD 32"/37" for around £400?

    Last night my 42" Plasma finally died - it was an acient beast that I bought 2 years ago off Howard, so old in fact that Charles 1st used it for presentations on the The Roundheads ;) Im on the hunt for a new LCD for around £400 - £450 if its a 37". Id prefer a 37" as im thinking 32" will be...
  10. v_j_r

    For Sale Hitachi 32LD7200 LCD TV

    A full featured 32" LCD TV in original unmarked condition and perfect working order, full D&G warranty to run until Sept 09 motorized stand, 3 X RGB,S-Video,Composite Scart, 1X HDMI, DVI Input, component input, and more complete with all manuals etc and finished in two tone silver.:bannana...
  11. W

    TV's - Plasma or LCD

    I have the chance to purchase a Samsung TV from the following list and i'm looking for some advice, never purchased one before so..... 37” LCD TV (LE37A436) 40” LCD TV (LE40A436) 42” PLASMA TV (PS42A457) 50” PLASMA TV (PS50A457) Any thoughts?
  12. drh1210

    Headrest LCD screens

    Hi all, does anyone know whats the largest screen they have fitted into a 2002 ML? ive recently got a ML and the children are already missing the screens i had in my M3. Also, is there away that i can connect the video output to a comand unit? or should i simply not bother. (audio wise...
  13. robert.saunders

    erm - I have a small fly wandering around behind my LCD screen

    On this very laptop; hopefully it will die soon, but away from my eye line :eek: It's a thunderfly (well, that's what I know them as, I'm sure there is a technical name)
  14. E

    W208 Instrument Cluster - Temp and Clock LCD

    Hi, I've got the common LCD problem on my 2001 CLK - both the temp and clock LCD's have gone all funny. I've had the cluster out and tried the foam/plastic fix but it hasn't done the trick for me. Does anyone know of any place that can repair these so that the fix is permanent ? How much does...
  15. M

    W208 clk '00 LCD DEAD PIXELS

    Hi everyone. My 2 small screens where is show temperature and time with gears i fault( 98% pixels is dead). Who know where I can find it new screens or fix old one. :confused: Thank you for any informations :bannana: Regards Alex
  16. Donza

    My new toy: 47LG6000 - 47" LCD TV

    Currently have a 14 inch portable in our front room downstairs. My brother tooK the secondary family LCD away to Uni. Jammy git! After much deliberation and research, i decided on the LG. From what i have read and researched it is an amazing TV. Just looking forward to being able to finally...
  17. rf065

    Cleaning a LCD screen?

    Anyone know the best way to clean a LCD screen, I've got a few grubby TV'S & monitors that could use a good clean. Please don't direct me to a site showing a cat licking the inside of the monitor screen. :crazy: Russ
  18. MikeL

    LCD, Plasma and Projection (again!)

    I found this review - although American - it is useful on a number of counts. Firstly it is bang up to date, secondly it compares different types of large screen and goes into the spec of each set in detail, while at the same time not letting just the "numbers" sway the results. Lastly -...
  19. imadoofus

    Samsung LCD TV Problem

    This forum is populated by such a variety of knowledgeable people, that hopefully somebody can help me with this. I have just bought a new tv for the bedroom (Samsung LE19R88BD) I plugged it in, and it went through the Auto Setup with no problems, and I got all Freeview channels and all...
  20. robert.saunders

    70" Samsung LCD

    This can't be right surely? £21k!! Amusing reviews however :D
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