1. A

    Headlamps lighting

    I have been driving without main beam with Bi-Xenons on. Got flashed the other day...not sure how to reset. I realise main beam is off and i use dipped beam. The other thing is has anyone tried to change the main beam light to white instead of the std orangish-white it is. if so which bulb...
  2. P

    centre console lighting

    parts of my w126 centre console lighting does not work, i.e heater controls and some switch gear, how do i replaces the bulbs?
  3. Ian B Walker

    Interior lighting

    Last night on the way home from work I noticed that the Illuminated knobs for my heater controls were not working. Ok blown bulbs I thought. Changed them this morning and still nothing, all the other bulbs are illuminated. Has anyone got an idea before I start to rip it to pieces. Cheers Ian
  4. OGiii

    Dash Lighting

    Could anybody with a W202 please tell me whether the 'Exterior Lights' knob should be illuminated. I was out in Mrs OG's last night and nothing to the right of the steering wheel was lit up - had to turn the interior light on to see it which seemed a little odd. Cheers OG
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