1. scotth_uk

    Cars you don't often see! [link] Check this link out for some awesome rarely seen cars!
  2. R

    Limehouse Link Tunnel New Specs Cameras

    Beware as of next week SPECS cameras will be up and running on the Limehouse link tunnel. Digi-cam aims for speeding drivers Fines from speed cameras are used to pay for more cameras The first speed camera in the UK that works without using film is being installed in a road tunnel...
  3. S

    Am I allowed to post a link?

    Hi peeps, My car is up for sale on eBay but I don't want to post a link to it in case that would be against the rules. Is it? Or would it be OK to provide a link direct to my auction? Cheers, Steve
  4. GrahamC230K

    German GTG Pics (link)

    We'll post our own when back, but here is a taster from another site (please note we do not appear in pics!). Dorian's SL slipped into one and I can be seen in background I think.
  5. jimmy

    Honestjohn MBClub UK Link

    Just being browsing Honest John for news and reviews on the C-class diesels and found this mention of MBClub UK.:bannana: Linky
  6. GrahamC230K

    OT: Nice PC Wallpaper etc link (Some MB)

    If you run XP there are some great MB login screen backdrops here:
  7. GrahamC230K

    Web Link........

    Follow this link to view various alloys on your Benz. Not bad, better than some I have seen. Go Dream.
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