1. sean3513

    link to mercedes paint codes

    was having a wander around the virtual world known as the interweb and came across this: 3 digit paint codes (including some wheel colours) Mercedes-Benz Paint Codes and another (includes years used and weather its solid or metallic) Mercedes Benz Colour Codes hope its usefull atb sean
  2. Timster

    Link Wanted - to find original Vehicle Spec from VIN

    Is there such a site? Thanks. Tim
  3. grober

    Mercedes link compilations

    Over the years several enthusiasts have taken the time to compile links to other Mercedes Sites. One well known site MBspy has disappeared but the link site is still available via archival retrival. Several of the links on these compilations have ceased to exist but many are still accessible...
  4. ringway

    Wrecked Exotics. Link to MB section.

    Ouch! Wrecked Mercedes here in this link. Other high profile wrecks also on this site.
  5. buccal

    I can't find the link:

    That allows you to get a Vin number from a registration. Driving me potty:wallbash: Anyone got it handy?? Thanks
  6. lynall

    How do i do a highlighted link?

    Ie a link to the russian site so i can say (here) instead of the lines of blue writing. Hope that make sense. Lynall
  7. yachtman

    Johnson controls home link remote

    Des any body know if it is possible to retro fit a home link opener into the mirror of my sept 08 clk 320 cdi. thanks
  8. lynall

    Russian vin decoder link please

    Hi i am after the link to the russian vin decoder as i cant find it:( i had it but not anymore. Thanks Lynall
  9. C

    EZL Unit - Repair possible? see ebay link...

    EBAY LINK I may need to replace my EZL ignition control unit ( there are still some other cheaper things t test/replace before I give up and try the EZL!) and given the one i have seems to go for around £350 2nd hand, I wondered if anyone had seen the above link before? it appears to imply...
  10. Swiss Toni

    Suicide -Daily Mail link

    I really thought about whether posting a link from t'aily Mail was the right thing to do, but what do the forum think about the circumstances of this story, those involved and the subsequent comments posted...
  11. Bobby Dazzler

    Wight Link are top bananas!!

    Been away in our caravan the last week or so - the not-so-sunny Isle of Wight was the destination this time. We were due to catch the 1630 ferry from Fishbourne yesterday on our way home. I handed the ticket over to the Wight Link chappie at 1607, as my wife took a call from M-I-L at the...
  12. scumbag

    right important news link

    Well actually I lied, its just a couple of 3 piccies I took of the flat I am attemption to beat the owner down in price on. Excuse the rubbish weather, and how it spoils to view out of the window in this room.
  13. Carrotchomper

    Stumbled across this link on Pistonheads...

    Lots of lovely and obscure Benz history pictured. I particularly like the blue recovery truck :rock:
  14. grober

    You are the weakest link

    Ann Robinson has been banned from driving for her fourth speeding offence. I wonder if the magistrate said "You are the weakest link Goodbye" Evidently she wasn't present in court which unusual for a fourth offence leading to a ban?
  15. Chas

    £160 for web page link!!!

    This guy is selling what is basically a link to a pdf file (readily available on google for free !!) for £160 :eek: plus postage:D At least the free one gives...
  16. sweeney

    whats the link to check your spec???

    I am sure I have seen one of you guys post a link wher you can input your VIN etc and get a list of what your car has as its spec.. Any help, cheers guys ( n Gals) :)
  17. vijilants

    Great link on repairing duo valves / temp controllers
  18. Iain

    Useful mods link
  19. television

    Handy link for fluids

    Not just Citroen but the fluids that we use
  20. vijilants

    Excellent "All you want to know about tyres" link

    I found this on another forum.....this link is excellent, giving loads of info on tyres - great write up on how to get the age of your rubber aswell !!!:
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