1. M

    w124 new drag link £3.36 inc vat and delivery!

    I think ECP may have made a listing error? Q-Drive Centre Drag Link / Tie Rod Assembley - Mercedes E-Class (A124 C124 W124) | eBay
  2. spinaltap

    Automatic Link app

    This device from the US enables data exchange between your car and smartphone... ...but it's currently not available here in the UK. Pity. Automatic - Your Smart Driving Assistant
  3. M

    Grrrr! - link to chassis code reader?

    Having a right annoying time. The radiator has gone on the old barge. Having posted in here, Nick @ euromerc was sure he had the right one and gave us a good deal. However, it isn't the right one. This car seems to have a number of weird things on it. First it was the wheel bolts that no...
  4. G

    Replaced Drag link and tie! like a brand new car now!

    Over the last couple months, I've put in new shocks, new lower ball joints, steering shock, new LCA bushings as part of a suspension overhaul and it has been good so far. The car has been much more stable on smooth roads, but there was still some very prominent shaking in the steering wheel...
  5. MBhowden

    My Chrysler PT - Mercedes link

    When my PT was made the company had a link, possibly owned by Mercedes so the 2.2 diesel is a Mercedes unit and very good it is too :)
  6. V

    320ml rear anti roll bar drop link

    Hi Just picked up my 2000 320ML, think its a great car. Whilst changing tyes I noticed one of my drop links is missing! I was wondering if I just need to order a new one (£35 ish eurospares/ebay). Or do I need rubbers etc to mount it Thanks
  7. Sp!ke

    Cherished plate history link

    Can anyone tell me what the site was where you could look up private plates and see photos of previous cars it was on?
  8. D

    Android/Win CE - link to CAN ?

    I am looking at replacing my command 2.0 unti with an aftermarket HU. Preference is a HU with Android but could be persuaded for win CE I wish to know if there are any android interfaces / software or Win Ce interfaces / software for the car that allow me to do all the nice things the old...
  9. R

    interesting link.... german tuning/ styling house.

    Indicar > Auto zona > Mercedes-Benz tuning news
  10. 300CE

    W124 300CE - Ball Joints & Link Pipe, How Much?!

    Afternoon all, the next think on the list is to change the ball joints and link pipe as shown as number 92 in the attached picture. Do you chaps have any idea how much this part is at all (from both Merc & alternative supplier)?!
  11. R

    Command has lost GPS link

    The Command navigation follows the left right truns of the car. BUT it thinks the car is some 50 miles away, at the location it froze. I have tried the following with no success; 1. turn off and on 2. Reboot 3. Removed the disk and replaced it again 4. scatched head, looked confused...
  12. billywhiz

    Merc Options & Price list - good link here

    Found this whilst looking for my 55 Guess if you search another model it should come up with similar spec lists etc. didn't realise the sunroof or the Bose system on mine cost so much :eek:
  13. Dave Richardson

    C Class drop link

    I have a brand new & unused geniune MB drop link for sale, part number is 203 320 29 89, it'll fit most C Classes except Coupe sport models, purchased in error. I'll sell for £10 + £3 postage. anyone interested e mail me at [email protected] for photographs regards Dave
  14. U

    Not got sky ? want to watch the to Tottenham game now free this is your link

    Sky Sports 1 - EverythingOnTV - Free Live Video Streaming, Watch Free Live Sports, Free Streams, Create Free Live Broadcasts
  15. vincenz

    Ipod link for W209 CLK

    Guys I did do a search but couldn't find anything conclusive so.... Has anyone put an ipod link in a w209 (pre-facelift) with the audio 10 head unit? Car hasn't got an autochanger so will it have pre-wiring? If so where did you put the link, I was thinking of the Dension products, any...
  16. grober

    Link to a series of R129 technical videos

    While trying to answer a question on another post came across this collection of technical videos for the R129 SL on YouTube. Some neat stuff about soft top adjustment and door locks among other things as our friends across the pond might say! ;) I have posted only one link but you can...
  17. bh13coupe

    OMG look at this link, Merc Holy Halls

    Apologies if this has been posted before but I have just spent the entire £115 Euro Millions jackpot on the cars in this garage. awsome Carlsberg moment Inside Mercedes' secret 'holy halls' - Anything goes Enjoy :thumb::thumb::thumb:
  18. R

    Link for MERC parts etc

    Mercedes Parts, Mercedes Spares and Accessories: online ordering, mail order parts, UK based site - PartsforMercedes-Benz Came across the above site I know nothing about them Are the prices ok? Perhaps they're already well known to members anyway Cheers Vic
  19. D

    With regards to Cat B...Check out this link..

    I was about to add this link to the other (recent) thread regarding the status of Cat B cars.... See link: As that one has now been closed & probably rightfully so. I thought I would put this link here purely...
  20. L

    Looking for a Link to an English Version Maintenance Booklet

    My manuals are all in French! I had pretty good luck finding the Operators and COMAND Manuals in English but have come up short finding the Maintenance Booklet. Would someone please point me in the direction of a link to a downloadable Maintenance Booklet for a 2003 E220 CDI. I think it would...
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