1. AngryDog

    Wheels on lowered car (Links)

    I am going to be lowering my E55 with lowering links. Will I have any issues with the offset of my wheels? Will I need camber bolts? Thanks.
  2. AngryDog

    Lowering with Links

    Alps suggested I go down the links route rather than STAR for lowering my E55. He sent me a link to well priced kit so I am considering going that route at the moment. Will I need to get the alignment re-done? How much is safe to lower by? Will I still be able to raise the car if needed...
  3. gunning

    Show me your airmatics on lowering links

    As stated, be good to see before and afters of w219's, 211's etc etc that run airmatic and the lowering links. I bought the renntec module for my cls55 years ago but due to being in Cornwall I couldn't be bothered to get somebody to fit it. I'm not sure I want to lower the cls though as it's...
  4. brucemillar

    W124 front drop links

    Friends I have a broken front N/S ARB drop link. Can anybody advise if this is a generic pre facelift part or is it specific to a 4-Matic? Car is a 300te 4-Matic Estate 1987. { AVAudioRouteName = Speaker; IsPreferredExternalRoute = 0; PortNumber = 141...
  5. gr1nch

    Web links lurking on your car

    Today, whilst I was pumping up my tyres at the garage, and looking at the recommended pressures on the inner fuel flap, I noticed this QR code, which when input returned an interesting set of diagrams, that I'd not seen before, nor, afaik, direct from the manual (if it is the case mea culpa)...
  6. merc85

    Standard Suspension links e55k w211

    Hi Just wondering if anyone has got any standard Height level suspension links for a w211 e55k they dont wont, as thinking about going back to standard height. If so pm with a price etc.
  7. merc85

    w211 lowering links

    I've seen a w211 e55k with lowering links, How does this work? can it be easily reversed and does it do any harm or help the Airmatic shocks?
  8. MSG2004

    Links required to what needs to be serviced years 1, 2, 3 ,4 & 5

    Hi Late last week picked up our brand new gle. We did not buy from local dealer as they were more than 1k dearer. Service plans - my car is 36 quid a month Just ranfg the local dealer who initially said autobox fluid was 4th year, then I asked him to double check and it's actually...
  9. C

    R230 SL55 Suspension links - free!

    I have in the garage a set of factory suspension links from my 2003 SL55 amg that I have recently sold. I fitted a set of lowering links to the car and kept them on there when I sold it. Free to anyone who is in the Leigh On Sea (Essex) area or anyone that wants to cover postage can have...
  10. Meldrew2

    Curry links

    I came across this list on another forum and thought it might be worth sharing. The youtube links appear to be in plain text - so they would need to be copied & pasted into browser - or the bit after v= pasted into the youtube search box. Caveat: I have not checked these links (hope that...
  11. MSG2004

    Drop links c class w203 saloon

    Hello. Recently my car started making a slight clonking, dull light sound when on uneven road at slow speeds. My freid say he has the same problem and resolved by repalcing drivers side drop link cant recall the cost. I will take my car to a garage next week and my questions are as follows...
  12. J

    fuseable links

    Hi, just brought my first classic Merc, a 1973 350sl. Now there is no power going to the ignition coil, fuses in the drives footwell are all as they should be. The haynes manual says there maybe fuseable links but doesnt say where they are. Can anyone help me find them? Thank you.
  13. M

    Ebay Links

    Hello all If I am selling some Mercedes parts which are hosted on ebay where am I allowed to advertise the links?
  14. T

    W203 C320 CDI - front drop links

    So this mornings task is simple..... a pair of new front anti-roll bar drop links :cool: One has a loose ball joint. What can possibly go wrong :rolleyes:
  15. Andy67

    Replacing Drop Links W209 CLK 270

    Advice Need to replace these drop links on this car, got to say i have never had the car on axle stands before, so much of a novice on doing this. Started to do this work today i brought the links from euro carparts and got the Lemforder make for this car and a 16mm and 7 mm spanners. I put...
  16. smillion

    Lowering links on my new CLS, how low to go?

    Tomorrow I am getting adjustable lowering links fitted to the airmatic of my 2015 MY CLS. Does anyone have any experience of fitting these to the CLS and how low to go. The lower the better without compromising safety etc. Thanks Marc
  17. C

    reconditioned versus new parts prices

    hello All-- I am conducting a survey into the demand for reconditioned parts. With the 'telephone number" type price tags for new/original parts nowadays, it appears that the demand for reconditioned/rebuilt parts/with guarantee is rising? Can you please help me in my survey, creating a...
  18. E

    Tyre info, tests, links to prices

    Possible sticky?:dk: Tyres by Brand - TyreReviews
  19. karozza

    Lowering links ride height

    Fitted these just to get a slightly lower stance to go with my new set of 19s. Going for basically 2 fingers between the wheels/arches. Was slightly more than 3 fingers, so looking at 20-25mm drop. Don't understand why although all the links were set the same adjustment, the car didn't drop the...
  20. mickday

    AirMatic lowering links E & CLS

    I have for sale a set of AirMatic lowing links for E Class (211) and CLS (219) which I bought with the intention of fitting to my car but I have now decided to go the Renntech ELM route. Supplied with fitting instructions £60 including postage
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