1. G

    2006 ML320CDI with loads of codes out of the blue W164

    Hello guys, a good mate of mine, had bought a couple of months ago an ML320CDI. Everything was ok with the car until he towed his trailer a week ago, after doing about 40miles with the trailer the car was not shifting properly and it went in limp mode with the EML light on. I went yesterday...
  2. T

    Loads of squeaking.W211

    I thought Id fixed this by fitting a new OSF control arm ball joint, but now it's back. The front end is squeaking like mad with every bump or undulation in the road, and it also does it when I turn the front wheels left to right, and visa versa with the car stationary. What could this be??
  3. M

    Loads of w124 parts/alloys

    Now I've sold my s124 I've got a pile of parts I bought and didn't get around to using. I'll post pics for any items people are interested in as requested. 4x AMG monoblocks 17x7.5 et42 these have the proper a124 part numbers. In very good condition. Silver with the diamond cut rims. the...
  4. bassist

    Loads of MB magazines

    Hello all, My shelving is just about to collapse under the weight of Mercedes magazines and I have to get rid of them all. If anyone is interested I would be happy to send individual items at cost of postage only (second class if that is still cheaper, it’s so long since I posted anything...
  5. Ruonis13

    W211 clear out,loads of parts ...

    Selling stuff from my E class w211 2004 . Everything is original parts. Front bumper (slightly damaged-comes with fog lights).£50 Back bumper -good condition. £100 Side skirts- good condition.£40 Front grille - very good condition.£50 Back lights -amazing condition(comes with bulbs...
  6. John Jones Jr

    Have a look. Loads of stuff and things you don't need!

    Still, it might be handy site to know about. Online Shopping for Cool Gadgets, RC helicopter & Quadcopter, Mobile phone, Fashion at Banggood.com
  7. D

    w140 cl500 with loads of extras and private for 1500

  8. poormansporsche

    BREAKING C280 Wagon Loads of C36 Bits !!!!!

    Decided to Break my C280 C36 Project due to lack of time Thread here: http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/general-discussion/175438-project-c36-wagon-begins.html Complete C36 Kit in 744 Silver usable without painting although front bumper has just been oversprayed to patch up Includes...
  9. grober

    Join Date: Jun 2013 E320 CDI SPORT Designo Mauritius Blue

    Because you have posted in the members gallery no one can reply. Because you are new no one can PM you either. try reposting in the general section--- nice car ---- very ---vibrant! ;) the pano roof would have set you back £1,218 the designo paint £895 nappa leather £1208 or...
  10. moff

    AMG Event - Loads of Cars DRIVEN!

    Managed to get an invite the AMG Driving Even at Lincoln Mercedes today. It was a truly awesome day so if you get the opportunity to go grab it! I drove some stunning cars: SLS GT CLS63 E63 A45 Other cars there included: C63 Coupe PPP, C63 Saloon, C63 Estate, ML63, and some...
  11. smoothrider

    722.3 trans disassembly loads of pics

    only for the brave 722.303 in bits photo shoot - PeachParts Mercedes ShopForum and the manual http://brandon314.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/722-3-full-manual.pdf
  12. Peter DLM

    They're going to sell loads of these.

    The new A-Class. It's very pretty :)
  13. 300CE

    1983 FIAT X1/9 VS Loads of Spares Included (1983) Tax/Mot - £750.00

    Not many around now - on pistonheads: Fiat : 1983 FIAT X1/9 VS Loads of Spares Included
  14. H

    New Boy - read loads before...

    read loads in this 'club' before. some great people in here. Now decided to join the club. New to me CLK320 joining the family next Wednesday - so looking forward to it. David
  15. MrT

    2008 B150 SE loads of options

    2008 58 B150 SE petrol manual in Cirrus/Calcite white for sale. Excellent condition for age and mileage, first registered Dec 2008. Was a factory order with factory collection. Has 22K miles on, service not due until 28K/December 2011. Remainder of manufacturer's warranty until Dec 2011. 4...
  16. rajinder_1

    loads of MB bits for sale

    hi i have a friend who is clearing out his loft at his garage please have a look below at the items for sale: r5b2 items - Get great deals on Vehicle Parts Accessories items on eBay UK! he has alot more stuff which will be listed soon thanks Raj
  17. R

    New here, loads of questions.

    Hi, new here and needs loads of advice. I've had a few new Mercs in the past, couple of AMG's, then deflect to another brand, and always seem to come back to Merc, and this time I'm staying. I've bought a 2 year old petrol E-class, Obsidian with tan, very low milage as it was an embassy...
  18. Palfrem

    It's easy to get loads of personal info

    I'm getting married in June Went to the local Register Office to sort out the paperwork and lo and behold in the reception area is a long list of folk like me with all the following info: Name & addresss, postcode Date of Birth Occupation Time at present address It's a bit of a farce...
  19. U

    Loads of Money

    190E 2.3 16v Cosworth Ex Mercedes Benz Press car! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/190E-2-3-16v-Cosworth-Ex-Mercedes-Benz-Press-car-/290518519195?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item43a440cd9b
  20. D

    w124 coupe being broken loads of parts avail

    mostly mechnical e 220 coupe, doors gone, there is some damaged ones rear hit so back is no good, engine gearbox exhaust diff shaft, leather interior biege cream other interior parts, pm for your needs
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