1. H

    Adding camera locations to Comand?

    I have been looking on the bmw site: forums.e60.net and a chap called mathmos has managed to add camera locations to the bmw sat nav dvd. He explains how it is done, and so I asked him if it might be possible on the mercedes disc. He didn't know, so I wonder if any members here have thoughts on...
  2. E

    C180 W203 Cylinder Number Locations

    Dear forum, I had to call the RAC out today about my December 2003 C180 Automatic (W203 type). The patrolman plugged his laptop into the car and it came back with an error code of misfire on cylinder 1 due to ignition coil failure. I took off the coil cover and the coils are all in a line from...
  3. conleycrew3

    Mobile scamera locations

    hi all. i was wondering if someone knows of a link to see where them scamera vans and fixed scamera's etc are? i have read a few threads so far but the links are for mid and south walses? im in the south west, Plymouth. thanks Ben
  4. M

    Dorset mobile speed camera locations

    Here is a link to where the mobile speed cameras will be on any given week in Dorset. http://www.dorsetforyou.com/index.jsp?articleid=24696 I have found similar sites for other counties. Might be useful to some of us. Mac.
  5. J

    axle stands locations

    I want to remove the alloy wheels from a 1998 E280 saloon (W210?) for refurbishing. Where is the recommended position for axle stands locations A diagram would be helpful, is there any site which would show this. justsid
  6. Benzowner

    Speed camera locations????

    Sorry if this has been posted before, but its an interesting read www.safespeed.org.uk/rules.html
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