1. M

    Parking Sensors

    hello all, does anyone have the number layout for the parking sensors and there locations on the car bumpers? my fault reader tells me it's Sensor 10 and know its on the rear bumper. but am unsure which one of the four it is? at a guess i'm saying the one above the exhaust..:dk...
  2. M

    2012 CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake - Battery qty & locations?

    Hi, i know its bad form for my first post to not be one that includes photos of my newly acquired pride and joy, but i have an urgent question... Does anyone know with 100% certainty how many batteries the car has and where they are? So far, two are located, one under the bonnet under a...
  3. manofgresley

    Fuse Box Locations and designation names

    Hi. I have a 2001, CLK 320 Cabriolet, the owners manual is not clear on where the fuses are (imho) has anyone got a definative drawing of their names and locations?
  4. J

    v reg 1999 c200 estate abs speed sensor locations needed

    Hi everyone I had a diagnostic done recently and the garage said 2 abs speed sensors need replacing at at cost of £80 each I found a YouTube link that showed me how to replace the front ones on a clk 320 so I took the wheels off and cleaned the sensors, they are both worn and partially...
  5. J

    w204 c63 badge locations

    Hi, My c63 recently had the boot sprayed and now I aren't sure exactly where they went? can anybody post a pic up with the measurements? thanks !! Jamie
  6. Dee James

    ML W163 build locations

    i`ve been reading up on the W163 ML (i`m looking for a ML270 budget dictates probably a 2000-2001)and i keep coming across posts saying the Austrian build ones are better screwed together than the US built versions BUT have seen some posts saying the facelift 2002 on models are Austrian built...
  7. N

    ODEON: Two (£10) or Five (£20) Cinema Tickets, Locations Nationwide

    If you go to the flicks regularly this is a good deal. The Deal Fanatical About Film, ODEON are offering cinema lovers the chance to see Hollywood’s latest releases with two or five tickets. Valid for standard seating at screenings until 19 December, tickets can be used for 2D and 3D films...
  8. S

    CLS Airmatic Control Locations

    Hi All I'm new to the Merc world, having owned a 406 Coupe for last 5 years I'm thinking of upgrading to a CLS Grand Edition circa 2009. I have noticed that sometimes dealers don't list spec fully and in my search have got to know most buttons to look out for in pictures but am struggling with...
  9. grober

    Mercedes Safety data critical component locations

    An illustrated webpage/file describing the locations of critical safety components on all Mercedes models for accident services...
  10. D

    Shell locations on nav unit

    I've noticed on the nav unit that BP and Esso garges are located but not shell or is it just my local Shell garge that is not listed. I will be using V-Power when possible and before I get flamed I've used it in my last 3 cars and I CAN feel a differance.
  11. A160DSB

    UK Road Trip locations

    Hi all, it's been a while since I posted. I've been on the site reading through many posts still, just haven't posted. Me and the girlfriend have decided, on our week off from work in June, we would go on a UK Road trip. The biggest problem we have is where to actually go? Any suggestions...
  12. M

    locations of these sensors

    can someone pls lemme knw the locations for engine coolant sensor,lambda sensor,oxygen sensor along wid the respective pictures and elaborations too???And pls can anyone enlist all the sensors those provide fuel managing info to the ecu??i hv a merc e220 w124
  13. Baron_Samedi

    Saving Favourite Locations In Comand

    Hi All, Quick question - how does one save a favourite location in Comand? W209, MY 2006... which ever version of Comand that is :rolleyes:
  14. GrahamC230K

    Building Regs Part J and Balanced Flue Locations

    Calling on the forum trades people, do we have anyone qualified to answer an enquiry relating to the postion of a balanced flue and how close I can locate a graden shed to it? The general diagram in the Part J documentation I have found doesn't fully answer my question. It perhaps does, but...
  15. Q

    W203 fuse locations please

    Hi all Can anyone let me have list of the fuse locations - not the box locations, for a C320 please
  16. wilbur

    Stag weekend locations

    Hi all, My best mate is getting married next year and I'm organising the stag do. So can anyone suggest any decent locations in europe? I've seen a website www.chillisauce.co.uk which offer activities & accomodation in various european destinations, has anyone been on any of these trips? As...
  17. AANDYY

    Fuse/relay box locations

    Can anybody confirm that I have located the only 3 locations for the fuse/relay boxes? 1. engine bay - rear drivers side. 2. end of dashboard - next to light switch. 3. under rear seat - drivers side next to battery.
  18. H

    clk rear windows not working Fuse locations

    Hi guys , THis morning my rear windows stoped working, none of the window operating buttons work so it doesnt go up and down. Furthermore and therefore there is gap between my front window and the back window, as the pillar for mthe back window doesnt slot into position. I wanted to chekc the...
  19. D

    Controller locations

    Hi All, Is there a diagram that show the locations of the various controllers, I.E. glow plug relay/controller, ECU, ABS etc? Cheers, Dave E320 CDi
  20. boggie

    W210 VIN and Engine number locations?

    Hi All, Please can someone tell me where the VIN and engine numbers can be found. I presume there will be the usual tin plate under the bonnet with the VIN but where else can it be checked? Also which side of the engine is its number stamped and is it easy to see? Many thanks, Boggie
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