1. D

    1964 220s project all welding done previous owner a lord! p plate too

  2. french

    Oh Lord!

    First of all I am not a car cleaning guru type as most here, just a wash once a week & polish every month or 2 type owner... Now all the serious car detailing guys (Mucho respect) please look away now & have a nice day, as what I am about to reveal will make you shudder. Mrs french came into me...
  3. developer

    Lord Aleem's Cars Get Torched

    Somebody doesn't like him: Lord Aleem £500,000 supercars firebombed - Birmingham Mail
  4. The _Don

    2014 Mercedes C63 AMG 507 Edition Review by Lord Aleem

    http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fC5F7BeGPv0&feature=youtu.be Google lord aleem and enjoy his fathers collection of automobiles.
  5. Hobbsy1979

    Oh Lord went and bought meself a Mercedes Benz

    Hi everyone, I did it, I went and bought a Merc...!! haha, feels fantastic just writing that :bannana: Anyway, thought i'd sign up and get involved a bit with this group. My car is a black C200 Coupe, 2004 model with 62000 on the clock. I live on the Isle of Wight but flew to Leeds to collect...
  6. st13phil

    RIP Jon Lord

    Just heard the sad news on Planet Rock. Jon Lord died today aged 71 :( BBC News article
  7. stwat

    Dear Lord, Why ???????

    A little bit of sick just came up. Unique and luxury coupe with 30 inch wheels !!!!!! For Sale (2008) on Car And Classic UK
  8. D

    Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz

    Many years ago when you bought a Mercedes Benz you bought more than the car. What you bought was the standards of Mercedes Benz, the engineering prowess, their quality and longevity. For some years you could easily argue that some of these ingredients have been missing. Yet the price premium...
  9. stwat

    Oh Dear Lordy Lord. We Are All Doomed, Doomed I Tell You!!

    I couldn't find the thread about spelling so il just have to post this in it's own thread. Mitsubishi : Mitsubishi 3000GTO Twin-Turbo L346MJB A member over on the 190 forum rang him up for a laugh and sadly, he actually speaks just like he types:wallbash:
  10. Palfrem

    Thank The Lord for AUC warranty

    Phew! Last night, after having covered some 200 miles already, I left the job and drove home. Left the car park and the car shuddered and bumped and shook and coughed with no power. Backed off on the gas to tickover revs and it made very slow forward progress. Drove (slipstreamed a...
  11. M

    How can I coax Lord Sugar into the boot of my car?

    Just been reminded that I bet a mate on Friday night that I could get Lord Sugar into the boot of my car and still put the roof down. Seemed feasible at the time, but now I'm not so sure. Any ideas? There's a tenner riding on it... (Apologies if this has been asked before.)
  12. LTD

    The Lord didn't buy me a Mercedes Benz......

    So I had to get one of my own ....... Tomorrow I shall be taking delivery of my first MB. A 2003 W220 S500L in Iridium Silver with Black Nappa. Can't wait. My 18yo daughter passed her driving test in February and we decided to look at me getting another car and giving her my 54 VW Golf...
  13. T

    Oh lord won't you make a CDI convertible Benz?

    What's up with Mercedes? BMW and Audi produce diesel convertibles, why isn't Mercedes making them too? They are losing out on froogle customers like me :-)) CLK 220 please! :D
  14. DSLiverpool

    Thank The Lord Every day You Dont Own a GT Bentley

    403 for sale on autotrader v 277 CLS`s of every variant and every price. I was at the lights coming home from the pit and one pulled up beside me and made a nice waffly W12 type sound - my in body car DNA started to twitch and even though the mighty reds are about to crucify Madrid I decided...
  15. grober

    Oh Lord Wont You Buy Me A Mercedes Benz

    A little blast of nostalgia for those old enough to remember.:rolleyes: Janis Joplin sings "O Lord wont you buy me a Mercedes Benz" plus some footage of old mercs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrOPVGZgzF4&search=mercedes
  16. B

    Ode to Sir Clive Woodward or Lord Bald

    There was an old man called Lord Bald Whose team got completely mauled, He picked his old mates For some crucial test dates, and the fans were truly appalled. There was a middle-aged tosser named Bald Who's mates were all English and Auld First Test: Neil Back Like the rest of the...
  17. Pietre

    Lord Wont You Buy Me A Mercedes Benz

    Where can i get this from to use as a ringtone? it will wind up my mates something wicked, any ideas? ;)
  18. Kinky

    Lord Walkers new PC

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