1. merc85

    2.5 16v 190e cosworth blown lump

    Be a shame for this to be broken :( Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16v Cosworth Manual W201 190 Black AMG M3 Project /Repair | eBay
  2. F

    55 AMG lump for the C43!

    Huge thanks to Acid at MSL Performance for supplying it and to Alan from MSL for bringing it to me in the van. A delight to deal with these guys! Now, where's the Gunk?
  3. 1

    Preserving a lump sum?

    I appreciate the wealth of knowledge on this forum and would like to ask opinions on the above. We're approaching early retirement and have some cash savings that are getting very little to no interest and can't decide if it's better to let it sit for another year or so and see where things...
  4. R

    M104 3.6 AMG lump into R129

    Does it? Would it? Have an option on taking a complete engine... wondering how much of a straight swap it would be - or is it a complete nono?
  5. D

    Supercharge/Turbo A C43 Or Put A '55 Lump In?

    I'm in negotiations to buy a C43 at the minute and it's in fine fettle mechanically, so it seems a shame to swap the engine for a '55 lump, which is something I've been thinking strongly about. I remember a member selling his supercharged C43, but I can't seem to find any info on it? So...
  6. delfly

    lump in passenger seat

    Wondered if anyone has come across this problem. I`m too lazy at the moment to investigate. Its that my passengers complain of a hard lump feel in the centre of the base of the front seat, I spoke to another owner of a C43 and he said that he had the same complaint, any thoughts !!!
  7. fatherpierre

    M102 230e W123 lump. Noisy hydro lifters

    As per title. In a bit of a quandry. I've got a late 85 123 230e with lots of miles - 338k, to be precise. Lifters are noisy and not sure if it's economical to have the head off to get them sorted...... Any other way (oil flush - using different grade of oil) to lessen the tapping...
  8. Sp!ke

    What is this lump?

    Looks like something Japanese? Anyone able to identify it?
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