1. benz13

    Wanted cheap irish plate MBZ or BNZ

    I'm after a cheap Irish plate for my c class ,with MBZ or BNZ not realy botherd about the other digits , I can't seem to find them cheap anymore :(
  2. bigterry

    ello mbz ppl

    hi all am new love my old merc,s ive had quite a few merc,s oldest was a 77 w123 200 then 5 or 6 190,s 1.8,2.0d,2.5d,s loads of w202,s all dsl 220,250,250td,my current 1 is a c220 cdi an last of all the old rust buckets the frog eye,s mainly 250d 300d an cuple 300td all def spec eg...
  3. trapperjohn

    MBZ 1940. Number Plate.

    I have for sale Northern Irish Registration Plate MBZ 1940. I'm going back to the original plate as I have no wish to disguise the age of the car. It was originally on an "H" PM me for a price. Forum buddies will find it much cheaper :thumb: than its intended ebay price. It will come on...
  4. D

    mbz 3744 on e300 d 1996 new mot and 11 months tax bargain!

    mbz 3744 on mercedes w124 e300 d 300 td diesel 7 seater on eBay (end time 15-Jun-11 22:14:28 BST)
  5. F

    Mercedes Benz E220 Cabriolet MBZ 5396

    This is my first post on this site, but I thought it important to make people aware. I have received news that Andrew Stansfield of Classic Benz Lancashire has called a creditors meeting for 28th April 2010. More alarming is that my 1995 Mercedes E220 Sportline cabriolet registration number...
  6. dino645

    Any ideas on successfully complaining to MBZ?

    Inchcape Stratford-upon-Avon: Has anyone used this garage for servicing? You can see my recent posts regarding problems with incorrect diagnosis, cowboy repairs, and to top it all off this Christmas, I walk out of Sainsbury's to find two guys throwing sand around my car, because after...
  7. portzy

    MBZ Harrogate?, Five Star!

    You'll know my dream car has had, shall we say, the odd gremlin like command shutting down, a couple of dash warnings, water leak in the boot, misaligned boot lid, noisy and erratic fan/s?. Well, I had my visit yesterday to MB Harrogate and, quite unexpectedly, I was met by the SM who spent a...
  8. S

    mbz build quality

    has the build quality got better i have gone over to lexus but do miss the mbz but cannot cope with poor cars bad build and attitude dealers sorry stealers :devil: :devil: are the 2004 reg and 2005 any better
  9. A

    To the owner of the W208 CLK MBZ 7000

    Sincerely hope this wasn't anyone on here: A few minutes ago I was returning from Oxford when I had this incident which could have turned into an unneccessary accident: I just took the slip road toward Camberley / Bagshot off the A332 (Bracknell / Ascot Road) when I had to brake sharply as I...
  10. shazAMG

    How to get 'MBZ xxxx' plate?

    How do i get a plate with the letters first? example, MBZ 0786 or SHZ 0786? thanks Shiraz
  11. A

    MBz issues recall for SBC brakes

    Just spoke to dealer...knows nothing yet and asked me to wait for a letter. Typical Mb service...deny a recall exists and ignore the customer. Anway you can read story at. i've rang MB CS and they CONFIRM recall. http://www.channel4.com/4car/news/news-story.jsp?news_id=10397
  12. Koolvin

    Mbz 27

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