1. MercedesDriver

    My annual 2000 mls road trip

    Epping 4.15am It's still dark, car was loaded yesterday and I only hope I haven't forgot something. 1,2,3,4 all in and we are ready to go. Sat nav estimates 1h45min to Folkestone and there are no reported accidents. Perfect. A406 A13 M25 M20 should be a nice ride at this time of a day...
  2. P

    Merc C200 Elegance W202 Genuine 29.000mls Video attached

    This is a private sale. Mercedes C200 Elegance W202 Petrol. Mileage genuine 29.000 from new. Metallic red with full cream leather interior. In addition to the photos, below are 2 videos of the car that I've uploaded to youtube. Exterior...
  3. A

    service A at 5,675 mls ??

    Hi all service A appeared this morning on the screen ?? this car was built in march I bought it in may with 400mls on clock was a bit miffed ? so rang Mercedes Dartford and they said it has been know from the factory they can set it like this even though its not due its service yet .So it was...
  4. O

    Are early MLs a disaster?

    I'm posting this for a friend who's wanting to buy an ML, his budget is £3500 give or take and he wants a diesel so it will leave it being a higher mileage one, I've always heard they have a few problems but if it's serviced regularly and hasn't rusted away are they more or less ok?, anything...
  5. 300CE

    (51) BRABUS MERCEDES CL67 V12 (37,000 mls) 450 Bhp

    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  6. S

    CHEAP 2.5 c class D AUTO LOW MLS

    HI may be of interest to someone on here, 330601687731 low mls, deisel and auto, vg runner, thanks steve.
  7. Gucci

    Tooo many silver W163 MLs

    I know it was a popular colour, but looking for an ML500 that's NOT silver is a nightmare. I suppose it would be easier to resell if so popular....or is the market saturated with them? Would love a black ML500. Saw one at Car Giant and watched it for weeks. Then went when I was ready to...
  8. B

    ML320, what model year did the MLs start getting blinking mirrors with turn signals?

    need a little help with some info here.... what model year did the ML start getting blinking mirrors with turn signals? thanks! :) :) :)
  9. AdamBoyse

    Are MLs that bad?

    It's about time for me to change my C200. Because of all the kid's junk and numerous times when I need to shift lots of gear around I've been looking at getting a larger car. I'm not an estate person so another option would be an ML. I've been on this forum for a few years now and...
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