1. clk320x

    Mercedes Naming System?

    This used to be straight forward.. My CLK320 is a 3.2l engine, an E55 is a 5.5l... Recently I have noted for example the C63 is a 4l bi-turbo?? Rather than say the 2012 ones which are the full fat 6.3l n/a Confused?
  2. Piff

    Naming a house

    So I'm currently building a new house and the local authority want me to give it a name (it's address on the street) House is timber frame construction. In the foreground it is single storey comprising carport, single garage, utility room, study, larger kitchen diner with vaulted ceiling...
  3. Bigrichw

    Naming convention

    What are the boffins at AMG on!!? Up to now the AMG range has made sense.. well almost... 55 (ok its a 5.4) 63 (ok its a 6.2) But why keep the 63 badge for the 5.5biturbo and the 4.0V8, then there's the C43 with a 3.0.. It doesn't make any sense, but that said they never really have Sent from...
  4. BEA76

    Music track naming

    As a bit of a techno phobe, with a new C class complete with command due soon. I am after some advice on music track naming and organisation for the hard drive and the usb's. This will be my first car with more than a CD player and I am not an iPod user so have no experience with MP3 files etc...
  5. KillerHERTZ

    Mercedes Confirms New Naming Structure

    Mercedes-Benz expands brand world and introduces new nomenclature Mercedes-Maybach for the ultimate in exclusivity and individuality Stuttgart/Sindelfingen. The Mercedes-Benz brand continues its dynamic progress. Two new arrivals in the Mercedes-Benz brand world were introduced today in...
  6. Halcyon Days

    revamp of model naming coming?

    Told by a sales guy at my local stealer: Mercedes are planning on revamping the naming process on all vehicles. There will be 4 base names; A, C, E & S all sub vehicles will fall under one of these branches, depending on where they "fit" in levels of prestige / size / cost etc. So.. the ML...
  7. R

    W202 Parking sensors naming convention

    I've got a star diagnostic report for my C43 as the parktronic system is faulty. It states that the front "left inner" and "right outer" sensors are faulty. I'd like to make sure I replace the right ones without any trial and error. Can anyone confirm the naming convention for the six sensors...
  8. A

    Road rage program last night and site for naming and shaming??

    Hello Anyone watch the program last night, anti 4x4, bikes jumping red lights, school run, etc etc Then a site that you can log poor driving? name the place, actions and plate of car. I tried to get on site last night but so did everyone who watched the program I guess. Must admit to...
  9. sportyreptile

    Naming your car

    As you may know I bought my first Mercedes last weekend, collecting it this weekend.In the dim and distant past, when much younger and less grey, we used to name our cars that would kinda match their personality. As my "new" car is a german I thought Helmut, also because it's kinda purple-ish...
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