1. M

    Mercedes CLS Sat Nav NTG5 Updates

    My recently purchased CLS requires Sat Nav update, as this is less than 3 years old I understand that I have free updates. I have just spoken with MB Lakeside (Bobby) and he has informed me this is only updated during a Service. My understanding was I am entitled to have this Services at other...
  2. 4

    w211 NAV or Maps problems .

    Hello all my friends. My w211 2003 doesn't read the maps CD in the boot . Before has been worked.after I eject the map CD from the DVD in the boot for a long time (2 month).When inserted back after 2 month the NAC doesn't read the CD . Any advice appreciated .
  3. E

    Becker nav work with any ntg4.5 stereo

    Hi, just wondering if any ntg4.5 will work with a becker sat nav setup, my cd changer unit is damaged withn my stereo and having to source a replacement
  4. mpc

    What's the latest NAV map?

    I have a 2011 plate S204 C250 and the current installed map on my nav states 2011 (V4.0) EUROPE. What is the latest map I can install on my satnav?
  5. S

    Update Command Sat Nav

    Moving house so with my last service had the Command Sat Nav updated. MB dealer charged me £100, it can only be downloaded from MB, there is no sat nav disc reader in my CLS. Went to view my new home, loads of roads and changes missing :mad: Back to MB to be advised the latest update is...
  6. G

    Sat Nav problem

    Morning, I am on this site, however, my friend has a c180 blue efficiency reg SA12 NTE..when he presses NAVI button all you get is No navigation module is connected..any help appreciated..he bought it last week from Arnold Clark's so he called them to query this..response was..Call...
  7. S

    Mercedes A180 - W176 Sat Nav

    Hi, Can i upgrade my GPS in my Mercedes Benz A180 Year 2013.
  8. J

    C220 2014 Estate - COMAND Sat nav map updating

    Evening folks. I've got a 2014 C220 Estate (June). I called the main dealer yesterday about upgrading the COMAND Sat nav maps and got quoted £100 which seems a bit excessive to say the least considering the price of Sat navs now. Anyone have any more cost effective solutions? Much obliged for...
  9. fabes

    Canadian Sat Nav ideas

    Morning all Am off to Canada in three weeks and have just been let down by a Canadian Ebay seller who apparently had posted me an upto date SD card for my Garmin I do have an immediate refund (hmmm....?) of the CAD paid but now have a problem. I am renting a mid size SUV, so will...
  10. M

    Newbie with sat nav question

    Hi all, my first question on here so here goes. I'm looking to update my sat nav on my 2014 c220. I've priced it up with MB and also with command online, but the prices are miles apart. One is offering the discs cheaper and the other is offering the code a lot cheaper! Can I buy the discs...
  11. C

    Nav DVD Audio 50 APS 2011

    I have the above boxed original DVDs for Europe that came with my 2012 E Class (now sold) if anyone can make use of them. Open to offers
  12. Gbrowncls55

    2005 sl 350 command nav graphics

    I have a 2005 (55) sl350 with full command. I also have a cls55 with the same system and used to have a 2004 E500 also with the same system. However the nav graphics in both the E500 and cls were / are far far superior to the SL even thoughthey are the same system and the SL between the other...
  13. G

    SD CARD Sat Nav Update

    New car, need top update satnav from vb7 to v8. Merc software recognises the need, and takes a back up, but the update fails, and so does the restore. HELP. Ive got no sat nav and garage says £500 to replace!! Anyone else got a problem with this please /
  14. D

    W213 Sat Nav Post Codes

    Hi, have got 2 month old E220d with the NTG5.5 comand sat nav. It is driving me crazy. For some reason postcodes that are correct in every other sat nav i have ever used are wrong with this one. For example I lived in L31 2** for over 40 years. Every other sat nav ranging from inbuilt audi and...
  15. D

    Aftermarket Sat Nav Unit

    Has anyone had any experience with aftermarket sat nav units like the attached link? Any problems with them, will all the steering wheel functions still work with it etc.? Thanks. 7?Android 6.0 Car Stereo GPS Sat Nav DAB+Mercedes Benz C/CLC/CLK Class W203 W209 | eBay
  16. Markssl

    Sat Nav update.

    I have the hard drive later 2008 version command sat nav, i.e. The one they put in the new shape 2010 model. Does anyone know what the cheapest update method is please? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. J

    Sat Nav screen anti glare coating

    I have just bought a 2008 350SL and am a newbie to the MB Club( I do have another Merc Estate so am familiar with the workings etc). My question is , and am sure that this problem has been discussed many times. My screen has had most of the coating of antiglare wiped off by previous owners etc...
  18. B

    Up-dating Sat Nav. S Class 320cdi.

    Hi my sat Nav is all over the place, Mercedes said it needed to go on the computer in the workshop for about 3 hours and would cost around £100+vat. There is a Navigation disc in the boot be side the CD changer magazine, and ideas? I thought I could just up-date the disc;I have seen some...
  19. M

    W209 CLK COMAND Sat Nav - A 209 820 76 89

    This was a factory fit unit from a UK car that was dismantled for spares so I am comfortable with its provenance. Details: Harman/Becker Model number: BE 7092 Part number: A 209 820 76 89 Date of manufacture: 14/07 £399 + postage.
  20. K

    mercedes e250 10 plate sat nav 20 problems

    hey recently bought a e250 2010 model problem is the sat navigation 20 is stuck everything I put it on just the picture of sat nav 20 comes i means I can't use the aux to play my own music either anyone got any ideas for a quick fix?
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