1. noogieman

    MB AUDIO30 APS Navigator?

    Hi guys. Is there a way to fit an adapter for MP3 player to an old MB Audio30 APS navigator? I've seen these option looms on german fleabay, is there a similar thingie for my old deck? If it's possible to connect these looms, where do I connect them? AUX IN Adapter Kabel Mercedes Comand APS...
  2. Venomous

    Road Angel Navigator 9000

    Currently listed on Fleabay. Buy It Now is at £150, will supply to MBUK members for £140 posted. Basically, I did not get on with the unit and preferred the Snooper it was due to replace. Thanks Brian
  3. WLeg

    Tomtom navigator 6

    Has any got any experiance of this software on the Nokia E65 ? Is it any good ? Will the voice come out of the handset, or via the car-kit (also bluetooth) ? What's the the best bluetooth GPS reciever for it ? Will it drain the battery in 5 mins ?
  4. jeremytaylor

    Road Angel Navigator

    Sat nav and speed camera locator all in one, easily moved from one car to another, full instructions, box, disc, etc. £499 new. Little used, will accept £299. Can take credit cards over the phone (No, I'm not a trader but run my own business, etc.). Genuine reason for sale, basically I sold the...
  5. T

    Brand New Road Angel 2 and Road Angel Navigator

    Brand New Road Angel 2 and Road Angel Navigator - SOLD I have been sent these from Blackspot this morning. Due to me purchasing a Snooper Indago Sat Nav unit I have the following for sale: 1) Brand New and Sealed Road Angel 2 (New Road Angel) - SOLD :) Includes Road Angel, magnetic...
  6. Steve_Perry

    New Road Angel Navigator I wonder how this will compare to the current TomTom Go range of products. S.
  7. BaldGuy

    TomTom 5.0 Navigator

    Does anyone have an upgrade copy of TomTom 5.0 Navi that I could try / copy as I've heard it doesn't like certain PDA's
  8. Sp!ke

    Infomap navigator 4.3 released

    ... now with ability to have audible camera alerts like to tom tom plus new menu option designed for CarPC's Its on my shopping list :)
  9. sym

    iPAQ PDA + TomTom Navigator 2

    For Sale - my SAT NAV set up, including a fully featured PDA ! OK - I'm hoping somebody on here will be interested in this and it can go to a good home, rather than the happy land of eBay . . . The Package includes :- Compaq iPAQ 3630 PDA (I have had for a couple of years) in full...
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