1. Steve_Perry

    XP updates October available

    Just a heads up, the latest patches are available for download. http://update.microsoft.com/ There seems to be 8 patches for Oct. S.
  2. M

    Mercedes UHI cradles for October 2005 - New Phones !

    B6 787 5853 for the Siemens M75 B6 787 5854 for the Siemens CX75 B6 787 5860 for the Ericsson K750i B6 787 5862 for the Sony Ericsson W800 B6 787 5848 for the Nokia 9300
  3. Maff

    Nürburgring (Brabus) - October

    As the last attempt at this failed, here's another half hearted attempt! :) Two mates and I are looking to go over to Germany mid October for a few days of Nürburgring action (in our proposed new 'dark side' track car!), along with a possible trip to the Brabus factory if enough people are...
  4. scotth_uk

    Anyone need a nice flat to rent in E16 until October 1st?

    Hi All, As some of you are aware, I recently moved from E16 to N1 to take advantage of a really good rental deal. I should have approached the situation with a little more restraint, because as a result my old flat has been sitting empty for over 2 months now. If anyone's got a friend who...
  5. W

    October 17th 190 Owners Club Meet :PICS:

  6. pammy

    Clumber Park GTG 2 October

    I thought a summary thread might be useful at this stage so here goes. GTG on Saturday 2nd October in Clumber Park, Nott's. Meeting from 11.00am onwards. Full details can be found on this thread messages number 95 & 80 show the maps. This thread has the details of where we are staying...
  7. M

    Santa Pod 6th or 13th of October

    Santa Pod Raceway RWYB Sun 6/10/02 or Sun 13/10/02 Following on to the previous thread, Who's up for a trip to the Pod for a GTG and a bit of friendly racing/spectating next month? I have picked the dates from the replies already received previously - but if anyone has a preference for 27/10...
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