1. E350Matty

    OMG this is shocking.

    Is this for real, this companies is clocking vehicles!!! This is shocking , I was reading the comments and someone says on there that 60% of lease cars get clocked. I don't trust any used car now! Shocking !
  2. L

    OMG there's nothing like a big supercharged V8

    I must say I still can't tell you how much I love my car, it's totally crazy, the noise, the Power, the instant torque, the street cred, the build quality, i just love it. What a car, just be careful out there lol. oh its a CLS55 AMG. :o)
  3. L

    Cls55amg omg buy one!!!!!

    I've had mine for 2 months coming from a BMW E46 M3, OMG every second I drive this car I love it, the quality, torque, power, speed, brakes, street cred is right up there with the best of them. I love this car, I love my M3 also, I just don't love it quite as much anymore after driving around...
  4. BenzedUP

    Omg what have I done!!!!

    So the C350 coupé is now sold, had the car for 3years done over 20k miles in it and it was amazing, not missed a beat and the economy was amazing for a 3.5L V6, great car! I've replaced it with... Hmmm I don't know how to say this.. OK, I won't tell you I'll just show you...:O...
  5. kris1981

    e63 omg modded?

    Hi so getting tempted to mod my 2012 pp e63 in calcite white any pics for inspiration
  6. L

    Picked up my CLS55 AMG today, OMG :o)

    Hello All, For the last 11 years or so since I first saw a CLS I've wanted one, I totally love the lines of the car, it is simply beautiful in my eyes. I've never driven an AMG car before, I'll be honest I'm more of a M division man, I'm lucky enough to have a E46 M3 which I use as a...
  7. streethawk

    omg some help me

    My uncle is a numbty by the way. He has new to him a w212 as a taxi! He needs to attach Hackney cab sign so!!!!! He's drilled through the bloody rear sensor thinking it was a plug ha ha nob. How much for a new one and does it need coding and need to be from mb.
  8. Pitts Pilot

    OMG boot logo?

    Anyone know where I can buy an AMG boot logo? However, I want a custom design for my SL63 that says "OMG" not "AMG" :D Cheers, Robert
  9. Deane x

    Omg £££ S class £££

    Mercedes S600 Saloon V12 LWB 2001 26,000 Miles only and free S600 No Plate | eBay
  10. M

    OMG just killed my mates porsche

    Wow! Just been to meet my friends for dinner tonight. He turned up in his c4s and the my other mate has a v8 m3 and all I can say is see ya later!!!! He couldn't even keep up with me anywhere, he had a slight advantage off the line but he has got 4 wheel drive. What else have you guys beaten...
  11. smillion

    Wow, that's not my taste ... American style E320 OMG !!!!

    I just could not resist drawing this everyone's attention. It has to be seen to be believed ...... It's unusual and not to my taste .. Please take the time to have a peek ;) AMERICAN STYLE MERCEDES E320 AUTO BLACK | eBay
  12. S

    OMG! This MUST be the real deal!

    LOL!! MERCEDES 280CE 1985 - GENUINE AMG | eBay
  13. tonyc280

    OMG Poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze

    Well i can honestly say i've never been so amazed at a car product ever. I thought the Meg's i've been using on my black bike and dark blue c280 Was good and get a lovely finish with Turtle Wax but this Poorboys stuff is at a completely different level. So easy to use and a deep gloss shine...
  14. Darrell

    OMG!!!! Stunner alert.

    :D:D Just been watching an old version of 8 out of 10 cats uncut and there was a stunning, stunning woman on there. A quick Google and I found out she is Carol Vordermans replacement on Countdown. From tommorrow I start to finish work early.
  15. B

    OMG just ordered new car

    A little bit happy peeps and just have to share. Some history 1st A few years ago joined this forum as I was considering an M class and recieved some great advice BUT ended up with a BMW (Am I allowed to mention them on this forum) 545i. Have to say its been a brilliant car but time to change...
  16. crockers

    OMG it's happened again.

    Well here I am in sunny Yorkshire visiting my granddaughter and the Metc has let me down. In April 2009 I had the dreaded oil in turbo on the V6 which cost over £600 to fix ( thanks for Warranty Direct who licked up the bill). Then in Sept last year whilst travelling through France it happened...
  17. bpsorrel


    Could you???!!! Qingdao man unhappy with his Lambo, destroys it on National Consumer Day with sledgehammer team
  18. R

    OMG Wales cheat...

    ...Ireland lose.
  19. R

    OMG Italy beat France...

    ...22-21, what a great match.
  20. bh13coupe

    OMG My W124 Coupe is Joan Collins !!!!!!

    Guys We were talking at work about cars and what would be their human equivalent and I described an RS Focus as a Chav wearing Burberry. This upset the owner a little and I was asked what be my human for my Coupe. I said Joan Collins :D:D:D:eek::eek::eek: for the following reasons. 1)...
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