1. D

    Close to ordering a CLK280 Cab - Some questions

    Hi Guys...I test drove a CLK320 cab the other week and loved it, so now I'm seriously considering opting out of my company car scheme and leasing a CLK280. It'll cost me an arm and a leg but who cares eh, you only live once? Anyway, I have a few questions... - Has anyone seen the...
  2. A

    Newbie Help: Ordering an SLK

    Hi I'm seriously contemplating purchasing a new SLK280, to replace my Lexus IS300. I've got a few questions, if anyone can help :) 1. What's the Mercedes ownership experience like? 2. Is Parktronic really worth the 590 quid option price? 3. What's Airscarf like? Worth having? 4. Is...
  3. scruffy

    dell ordering

    small piece of advice when ordering from dell, specify on the order the name of the person authorised to sign for the goods. Somehow they have delivered a new laptop to the wrong address and someone has signed for it, as they would. They say we have received it although won't provide a POD or...
  4. B

    Ordering PC Polisher builds worldwide relations!

    I think this is amazing (please forgive me - I'm kinda excited). Some of you will remember that at the Kettering GTG earlier in the year Goldfish11 used my car to demonstrate his PC polisher. I like a number of you were kinda smitten but I'd not done anything about it until now. I've been...
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