1. M

    Ordering a new car online

    Hi All, Some background - I was looking to buy a new (ish) car for my wife, we went around looked at a few (GLA and A class) and finally settled on a GLA (see thread - http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/general-discussion/199416-new-class-gla-need-some-info-please.html) having looked at whats...
  2. D

    Ordering a new car with Privacy Glass and getting tinted windows? What would you do?

    Evening all, Having a bit of a trouble making a decision on how to deal with my latest quandary. Took delivery of my brand new C Class two weeks ago. All very well. Love the car with great service from MB. However after driving around for a couple of hours i realised there was one...
  3. alistairgd

    Did I make a mistake ordering like for like Continentals for first W204 tyre change?

    My W204 C180 has just turned 19,000 miles and is 2 years old next month. The rear tyres conti 255 35 18" are on the limit and I'm getting them replaced on Monday at its B1 service. MB have quoted £375 for like for like replacement fitted. Now I'm thinking if I should have considered a...
  4. K

    'Coding' a new key

    Just got a replacement key for my W215 2000 CL500. Are replacement keys coded from the factory to operate the car? I have been charged £40 for 'coding' the keyless go key although they couldnt get the keyless element working, do standard keys require coding to operate, should I have paid...
  5. P

    Ordering parts?

    Anywhere to order OE parts online? I have 2 numbers that are needed. 61207332 - Fuel Pipe 2032401317 - Engine mount Also need an intercooler for a CLK 270cdi 2003. :thumb:
  6. O

    New here - ordering SLK 55

    Hi All, Getting ready to order our first AMG and I have a question. Does the standard sports suspension on the SLK 55 have the comfort/sport options? or do I need to select the performance package? The Merc config is not online as most probably know and the German one is...well..in German. Is...
  7. Spinal

    Costco - ordering online!?

    Just placed a trial order on costco.co.uk - apparently you can now order online! Free shipping on the item I ordered... theres a 5% surcharge if you don't have a costco card number, but anyone can order apparently. Anyone tried this? Can't find Mobil1 on the site though... M.
  8. C

    Ordering C63 Estate - Advice please

    So after a couple of weeks of deliberating about an M3 or C63, I have decided to take the plunge and order a C63 Estate. The colour will be Tenorite Grey with the optional 5 spoke 18's as I think they will match T.Grey well. The thing I'm not sure about is the interior colour, was thinking...
  9. B

    Hi i'm new and close to ordering my first mercedes!

    Hi, im currently shopping around for a car and am very close to ordering my first Mercedes! I am going to be buying a new C Class Coupe and am just looking around for the best deal! I've been looking on the net and there are loads of brokers etc that can get massive discounts on either...
  10. S

    Nearly ordering... agility

    Nearly about to order the C Class coupe but have a question on anyone who has recently ordered a car through agility. What is involved in the mb agility credit checks? What info do they need? Cheers guys
  11. S

    Ordering via a Broker - The Process

    Hi There I just order a C63 coupe via a broker. However, I was slightly perturbed about the lack of clarity regarding timescales and accountability. Could you help me clarify some concerns? Following signature and £1k deposit with broker. Is my agreement with broker now? Do I have a...
  12. salfordmerc

    Key Ordering.

    I have had to order two new keys from MB, I told them I didnt want a previous key disabling as I lost it in house, which got me wondering how would they of disabled the key anyhow...would they have had to physically change some software in the car or reset something ? scratching me ead here...
  13. clk2002

    Ordering MB Parts

    Help Please I am a recent owner of a CLK 320 (2002 W209) - I am doing various bits research on the new MB in preparation for a service and possible upgrades. Can anyone give me details of Approved MB Parts Dealers who operate online. There are plenty out there as you would expect but I...
  14. eundaddy

    help ordering a part through UK

    hey guys, the dealers on this side of the pond tell me that they are unable to order the clear OR the amber indicators for my W202 due to some safety restriction. im pretty sure it has to do with reflecting material being absent in the euro versions of the blinker. the US has these ugly...
  15. Satch

    The joys of internet ordering

    and the aggrevation caused by oiks in vans who deliver stuff. Well I was pretty hacked off already having contemplated damaged bodywork today but this evening I nearly blew a fuse. Water softener ordered and delivered today as promised. All good so far. So I open it up this evening to...
  16. Ratz

    Thinking of ordering a new VW - be warned!

    My boss ordered a new Passatt CC 18 weeks ago but is still waiting to take delivery. You might not think this is such a big deal, but it's not a build or shipping issue - the car has been in the UK for 3 weeks but due to VW installing a 'new computer system' they don't know where it is, or...
  17. D

    Need help ordering a Part

    My contact spring/srs ring has broken. The cable has snapped right at the connector, so unable to bodge the cable back together. Does anyone know the part number for the unit or cable? I have the broken SRS ring in front of me, what format does the part number take? Below is a previous thread...
  18. crockers

    Ordering a Pizza??

    Look what the future holds when you Order a Pizza :ban::ban::ban::ban::ban:
  19. Spinal

    Ordering Licence Plates

    Given that today was bright and sunny, I popped by the garden center to buy some seeds and worms... Upon returning to the car, I noticed that my front licence plate was missing - no sign of it anywhere! No CCTV coverage.... No witnesses.... I'm not even sure it was stolen - it may have just...
  20. steveatpipex

    specing and ordering a car online

    A couple months ago I saw a link in a thread on this site to speccing and buying a car online. The site would source the best price for a UK car from a main dealer, and you bought the car from them rather than the webiste, but sadly I can't find the www addy now:( Anybody can help out please?
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