1. KNU7S

    R230 SL (to 2008) F1 Pace car spec front bumper NEW unused

    Very rare Genuine R230 SL F1 Pace car spec front bumper, I believe these were fitted to cars with P30 Performance Package and to the SL65? Brand new (unpainted bare bumper), no packaging in A1 condition, these cost £1500+ Serious offers only please, I will get some photos at the weekend...
  2. B

    04 Sl55 F1 Pace shortly for sale

    Hi Guys , new user here. Will be selling my Sl55 amg F1 pace spec, in the next month or so. Black, 55k, will be serviced at Mercedes main dealer and have four new tyres prior to sale. Any interest please let me know. Thanks guys.
  3. G

    F1/DTM pace car front bumper for c63 saloon

    Does anyone in the UK supply this? Thanks!
  4. The _Don

    C43 amg moving at a snails pace

  5. R

    how crazy is this guy? it picks up pace as the video plays out ;-)

    Probably the most crazy man in the world - YouTube
  6. D

    Pace of Technology and CD's

    Seems to me the 'audio' world See's some of the fastest advances in technology that is also adopted by nearly everyone, even the technophobes. This came to me as I was listening to a CD - something I do very rarely now? Is there any other field out there that has moved so quickly? Ten...
  7. B

    Pace Cable TV Boxes

    Hi I have about 6 Cable boxes if anyone is interested From memory i think the models are Di1000 and Di4000
  8. tpwuk

    SL55 Pace Car Spec

    Mercedes SL Convertible SL55 F1 AMG 2004 40K 2 Owners | eBay UK
  9. Palmball

    Mercedes the pace??

    Might seem an odd thread coming from me, but I am genuinely interested to know what people think of the current top of the range MB diesels, particularly the 350CDi's. On the face of it, compared to BMWs 300hp'ish '35d and '40d engined cars and Jaguar Land Rovers 280hp'ish 3.0 V6, the 231hp...
  10. U

    18" Pace Car Alloy Wheels - SL R230 - For Sale

    I have for sale a set of 4 replica Mercedes Pace Car AMG wheels in A1 condition with Michelin Pilot Sport Tyres. The wheels are in mint condition except for one tiny scratch on one rim which I managed to achieve wheeling them about the garage (doh!). Spec as follows: Fronts: 18" x 8.5 ET 35 load...
  11. buccal

    Pace car spec CLK55

    The last one of these i saw was at specialist trader in London for £16k over 2 years ago. Look at this: Auto Trader UK - MERCEDES-BENZ CLK CLK55 2dr Tip Auto Amg Coupe= reckon your still paying most of that 10k premium :rolleyes:, Interesting interior.......
  12. EDZ649

    E55 AMG ex F1 pace car. Would you buy it?

    Hasn't done monster mileage but I wonder how much it's been thrashed? 1998 MERCEDES E55 AMG AUTO SILVER on eBay (end time 31-Jul-09 13:04:33 BST)
  13. I

    Free Pace Sky Digi Box

    I was just about to sling this when it occured to me that someone might have a use for it. Free. Just pay postage or pick up Peterborough area. This is not a Sky+ box
  14. Wild Woods

    Mercedes Pace car

    Went on a TT run today to the Heritage Motor Museum and one of the guys turned up in his new C class estate. I must admit it makes my W203 look dated.
  15. M

    W203 C55 AMG F1 Pace Car Spec?

    Anyone know anything about this C55 AMG F1 Pace Car Spec for sale: Is it really the only one in the UK? What's the full...
  16. sym

    AMG Pace Car Steering Wheel for W203

    Think this is the same as the one that R2D2 has ... would be quite tempted myself if it didn't mean I'd need a new airbag to go with it !
  17. BenzComander

    C55, F1 pace car spec!

    Not ebay, but do a search on Autotrader for C55, and the last one is the pace car. Might be interesting for somebody!!:D
  18. Howard

    SL55 F1 Pace Car spec Don't know a lot about these , but it looks good
  19. A

    SL60 F1 pace car

    Nice car completly ruined by the wheels !! andy b
  20. Richard W

    Pace Drivers - Flame post!

    Pace Drivers article I'm gobsmacked, I suppose I shouldn't be suprised that someone, somewhere, in a position of power is stupid enough to suggest a hair-brained scheme such as this. :eek: Please post your comments to the Autotrader editorial team, I'm sure the media coverage will...
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