1. ShinyF1

    Elderly parents conundrum

    A little advice required please fellow forum members: My parents [aged 83 and 78] have just moved back to the UK having spent the last 12 years in Ireland. I've found them somewhere to live and now a small runaround so they can get themselves around, but here is the rub - although they have...
  2. Deane x

    Meet the parents
  3. M

    My C124 E320 vs my Parents' C140 CL420

    Good evening everyone. I recently collected my E320 from my Mercedes Specialist after almosst 4 months away. It was filthy; dusty, really in need of a wash. Following a month of useage, my parents' CL420 was in an equally horrid state, so I decided to lavish some cleaning TLC upon both...
  4. D

    Purchasing new home from parents - process?

    Hello all, I am after some advice. My parents purchased a home some 10 years ago as an investment. I am now looking to buy this home from my parents to live in. Of course, the house will be properly valued and a proper sale price will be agreed. I am new to house buying and every...
  5. The Boss

    What Mercedes did our parents have?

    well mercedes or any other car... lol So i was getting all our older photos into a digital format, and had come across some historical pics of the cars my parents have or had... these are just a few pics i found.. our 190e we had in London with our w124 estate/station wagon mothers bmw 3...
  6. A

    Parents Charged with Murdering their 6 children

    They have just charged the parents with 6 counts of murder. I'm lost for words. Cannot understand this. WHY would they.
  7. G

    Parents picked up a new GLK350 4-matic

    She got this a few months back but since I just realized that yalls don't get this model in the UK, I wanted to do a quick write up on it. It takes a little getting use to, as far as looks. The front looks amazing, but the side makes it look a little like a station wagon. The front looks...
  8. Satch

    Stupid parents and idiot children.

    So it is Christmas Day mid afternoon by which time your children have gone well OTT and parents have had enough. What to do? Take them for a walk. So of course by this time any remaining shreds of self control the children had has vanished and they are running aroound like lunatics and one of...
  9. H

    This is why parents drink!

    The boss wondered why one of his most valued employees had not phoned in sick one day. Having an urgent problem with one of the main computers, he dialed the employee's home phone number and was greeted with a child's whisper. " Hello ? " "Is your daddy home?" he asked. " Yes ," whispered...
  10. glojo

    Unruly parents

    T'aint what you all fink. This evening I went to visit my daughter who has just undergone surgery at our local hospital. For those that know me they know I cannot sit and am in a degree of permanant pain :o To overcome this predicament I managed to lay on the floor in my daughter's room...
  11. purplegoddess

    proud parents

    we are feeling very proud of our 8yr old daughter,shania,at the moment. she is having a poem published in the "little laureates book of poems 2008" also having a story published in the local paper for a competition she won at school .:bannana: :bannana: just had to share as we are really proud...
  12. Godot

    For First Time Parents

  13. High-Lo

    Van crashed into my parents car at 2am!

    In the early hours of Sunday morning a van crashed into my mum's parked Peugeot 206 at high speed. Not sure how the crash happened but it caused my mum's car to spin and the van driver must have hit the back of it as well. My neighbour said that it was a Police chase but I'm not 100% sure on...
  14. kikkthecat

    How stupid can some parents be ??

    I know some of the so called celebs choose dodgy names for children but a New Zealand couple are going to name their child SUPERMAN I really do feel sorry for that child. And when it gets shortened, as all names seem to do, will he be known as Sue or Soup ?
  15. BenzComander

    W124 Estate for my parents.

    Hi everybody, Mum and dad are retired, and after driving our W210 would like a Merc :D They would like an auto, seven seater E, with air con if possible for when they look after our kids, but cannot stretch to the W210 shape. (They have about 1500-2000 from the sale of their Fiat Brava :o...
  16. scotth_uk

    American parents tracking kid's driving by GPS? :eek:
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