1. ioweddie

    1:43 Paul's Model Art 1992 Mercedes 600 SEC C140 Coupe

    I'm selling this on ebay, plus lots more please cut and paste into ebay search: 302253078292 Lots more please view my other listings
  2. gr1nch

    Paul Pogba bags £120,000 Mercedes 4x4*....

    Paul Pogba bags £120,000 Mercedes 4x4 as first car since return to Manchester United - Mirror Online Surely Pogba was offered a decent discount? From what I've read before the lad has a decent character and his choice of car supports that Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  3. John Jones Jr

    Paul Rosche R.I.P.

    If the name doesn't ring a bell, it's worth having a read of this: The Man Responsible For BMW's Incredible Motorsport Engines Has Died
  4. Brian 1

    Paul open for business

    Posted my Omega f300 off yesterday for a service + casing revamp, not been on for a while due to a bad dose of flu, plus our new apartment is nearly ready,should be moving soon so lots to do......
  5. vijilants

    Yet another one bites the dust - Billy Paul -RIP

    This is now getting silly...almost one a week !!! Billy Paul....RIP !
  6. bob6600

    Paul Daniels RIP

    Sadly passed away last night due to a brain tumour RIP Paul Daniels: TV magician dies after brain tumour diagnosis - BBC News
  7. whitenemesis

    Paul Dalton shows how to wash your car properly

    Mmmmm, with a sponge? SpUNglIi5A4 and then this?? qfEcgemCiyk Guess if you're going to polish the car after it doesn't matter...
  8. donshl

    Thanks To Paul and Andy at EC

    The CLS was due a service and needed some TLC (and some coding work done). Paul picked up the car from me and did a full service with the following: * Engine and Gearbox mounts * Aux tensioner * Front Brake pads * Gearbox re-adaptation for 1st and 2nd gear The car was dropped back at...
  9. developer

    Gibson Les Paul - Advice Please

    Ok, after the sound (npi) advice from the panel about electric acoustic guitars (ending in the purchase of a Taylor) and more sound advice about Fenders (ending in the purchase of an American Stratocaster Deluxe), the time has come to look at a Gibson Les Paul. Prices range widely from £500...
  10. John

    Paul Gascoigne (not a football post!)

    Nothing other than a purely-observational post (I know nothing about football and have no interest in it anyway). Saw these pictures of him today - cannot believe the toll all that drink and those drugs have taken: Paul Gascoigne 'in hospital facing homelessness after drinking binge' | Mail...
  11. kalvin928

    Andy & Paul eurocharged.. my brother thanks you!!

    Hi Guys... brother wants to give you big thumbs up for the work done (so far) on his Ferrari 612 scaglietti. Customer service was great and think Ferrari could take some customer service skills from you guys!!! Brother coming back later I gather for he 'other' bits but understand he will use you...
  12. simon1966

    Big Thanks to Paul & Andy

    I thought it was about time I posted on here and thanked Andy & Paul at EC for the work they have done for me over the last couple of months. Their hard graft and insightful approach is just what I needed after many frustrating and wasteful visits to MB with a couple of ongoing issues I had on...
  13. TJC

    Terrible news from LA , Paul Walker Dead

    Was a passenger in friends car , hit a Palm Tree , car more or less exploded on inpact , terrible pictures, a sad loss , real nice guy and Petrol Head, R.I.P Tony :-( Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  14. jay1983

    Paul walker rip

    Sad day for anyone who enjoys the F&F franchise. Thoughts with his friends and family.
  15. kalvin928

    Eurocharged -Andy(PCD)/ Paul

    many thx for short notice in fitting the washer pump... can at least see now also gave me a chance to have a natter about impending mods... top guys who know their stuff!!
  16. grober

    Paul Gambaccini

    The Operation Yewtree branches spread wider. :( BBC News - Paul Gambaccini arrested in Operation Yewtree inquiry
  17. SilverSaloon

    RIP Paul Shane

    RIP. Thanks for the laughs. :(
  18. jonnymerc

    Happy Birthday Paul M

    Happy Birthday Have a super day :thumb:
  19. keysl

    Miracle worker - Paul at

    Have to recommend Paul from Leather repair: Leather furniture repairs restoration Leather Cleaner Kit Based in Blackpool he'd already worked miracles on my worn bolster in my '94 SL to the point of not being able to tell it had been repaired. I have to stress - the bolster was *seriously* worn...
  20. Dizwen

    lamborghini reventon @ grey Paul Nottingham

    Heard from a lad at work the other day that the ferrari/masarati dealer in Nottingham has a reventon in. Been to have a look today. It's be sold for a cool £999,995. number 18/20. one owner and just 1067 miles on the clock. Got to say I was unsure about the front end in the pictures I've seen...
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