1. Charles Morgan

    Ebay and Paypal - positive results

    I know Ebay to a large extent and Paypal to a lesser get a fair bit of stick for dodgy sellers, shills and losers who bid and fail to arrive, but I have had two very positive experiences when something has gone wrong. The first, I ordered a 5 speed Fiat 127 gearbox from a seller in Hungary paid...
  2. John Jones Jr

    PayPal, advise please.

    Guys, Is there any point or advantage to keeping funds in my PP account considering it connected directly to my credit card? Cheers in advance.
  3. KillerHERTZ

    Deposit on Car via PayPal

    Got a buyer for my CLK who wishes to pay a deposit via PayPal, anything wrong with doing this instead of Bank Transfer? I can see its safer for the buyer, but myself? eg: funds can be retracted at a later stage. Cheers!
  4. SG1

    Paypal question?

    Are there any experts on paypal here? To cut the story short I am about to buy a car from Scotland, I have not seen the car as the seller doesn't have the time apparently and I am in London so distance is another problem. The seller is asking payment via paypal and has agreed to deliver the...
  5. Felstmiester

    Advice with paypal

    Put a iphone on gumtree and someone has emailed asking what I'd take for it. I mailed em back saying I'd take £475 for it and I've just got a email back saying he'll give £500 if I post it and to go on paypal and request the £500 from his paypal account also going on if I haven't got a paypal...
  6. PXW

    Paypal practise

    My one know if this is standard? I bought something off a website based in Europe, so the checkout was all in euros. No problem, as I have a euro denominated card I can use. The website in question uses paypal as their card handler. Running through the payment system all was fine - I checked out...
  7. PXW

    PayPal and email

    OK - first things first - I don't have a PayPal account. However, often online retailers use Paypal as their payment provider. No problem - I go through the site, put in my credit card details, address and email (usually for the benefit of the vendor) and all is well. A little while back, I...
  8. Piff

    PayPal query.

    A bit of help requested from thise familiar with the world of PayPal please. On 18th March 2012 I bought a new humididty controlled extractor fan for my bathroom from an online retailer. Fan paid for via PayPal - retailers choice - and I pay PayPal with a registered mastercard. Fan...
  9. brucemillar

    e-bay / PayPal Advice/help Please

    Folks My wife bought an i-phone on ebay. Item was described as "Brand New still in Box. Unwanted Upgrade" She paid immediately on PayPal. PayPal said that the payment was "unconfirmed - contact the seller" Contacted seller who stated that the this was "her brothers phone that she was...
  10. E

    Now Accepting PayPal Online!

    Hi guys, Yesterday we launched PayPal as a new payment method on our website! PayPal is great because it not only speeds up the checkout process but also allows you to deliver to an address of your choice such as that of a friend’s, family or work place! We are trialling this with...
  11. jaymanek

    Paypal advice

    I ordered my recaro's from german ebay... the seller wanted paying by bank transfer but I insisted on paypal as ive been stung a few times now. I paid extra to cover their fees. Anyway, its soon coming to the 45 day dispute limit and still dont have my seats.. The seller is communicative...
  12. D

    Paypal reversal

    The man that was buying my car now says that he can't collect until mid-June :crazy: due to work commitments. Last week he sent me a £100 deposit through Paypal and is now playing games saying that I "can just square up when I eventually sell the car". Not wanting to show my hand too early...
  13. S


    I do not wish to link my paypal account to my bank account due to all the problems that I have heard about. I also keep my paypal balance low or empty. So typically my ebay purchases get paid through paypal from my credit card - but today I am having problems with the CC authorisation. I think...
  14. A

    Paying for an item without using paypal other methods?

    Hello Have found an items through a sales site (not ebay) that I have agreed to buy. Seller does not have paypal, so either bank transfer / postal order / cheque. None of the above methods offer any guarantee to me? I'm waiting to hear if he would take a card payment. What do people think...
  15. Danny DeVito

    Lend me 2 euro on paypal until next week ?

    Well there you go, i want to buy a relay for my car from quasar electronics uk and i am 2 euro short. Would anybody care to lend it me ? I will pay back next week with interest ! Please ??:dk:
  16. Palfrem

    Paypal says my bank account has been clsoed.

    Had this email from PayPal yesterday. Very strange. The payment was for an ebay item and the guy had got the money. I rang my bank who teld me they had had a number of customers calling about a similar email. Anyone here had one? Is it genuine? "On , we attempted to...
  17. K

    Paypal claim

    When i bought my W115 on ebay the ad described it as being runner, the seller cliaming he had started it up and driven it around since he had acquired it. MERCEDES 220 GREEN on eBay (end time 26-Jun-10 16:16:19 BST) So i naturally assumed that when it would be delivered there wouldnt be any...
  18. M

    New "PayPal" phishing scam

    New to me, anyway. Received this email yesterday morning: Now, I knew I hadn't spent £50 on Mac parts, but there were enough alarm bells to stop me clicking on the link in the email. a) There's no mention of my PayPal/eBay user name. b) I've never had a confirmation email from them before...
  19. Druk

    Paypal cash transfers?

    Got two used items to send to other forum members who suggest transferring cash to me via my Paypal account. As a cash recipient (never done this before) does this method end up costing me or do Paypal simply transfer in full to my bank account?
  20. C

    Paypal Issue - what to do?

    I ordered a fleece blanket thing from Ebay on 9th December, it hadnt come by the 22nd of December. I then get a mail from Ebay saying that there was suspicious activity on the sellers account and the account was closed!. So I raised a dispute with paypal, as you would. The next day, the item...
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